5 İnformation about goldfish

5 İnformation about goldfish

Legend is about aquarium goldfish. Interesting information you need to know about fish. Goldfish maintains the first place during the popular fishes of the aquarium world. Japanese goldfish, whose real name is Chinese  (Chinese goldfish), has been named as goldfish because it is distributed to the Far East countries from Japan and is known by this name in our country. Since the memory of Japanese fish is strong, it does not always eat dry food. Wet feeds from time to time should be preferred for goldfish that can be bored from eating dry food. In addition to wet food, you can also chop boiled vegetables.

Ancestor is carp.

Goldfish is one of the subspecies of carp. The goldfish obtained by crossing the carp genes are genetically similar to the carp. Japanese fish with a stronger memory than other fish species have a memory capacity of 5 months backwards. The goldfish, which recognizes . The feeding time and the person giving the feed, may die due to disruption of the feed order. It was formed by crossing various carp fishes and playing genes. Although it does not look much like the type of carp, it is a carp. they can also mate with the carp fish and remove the emerged cubs.

Memory is 5-6 months, not 3 seconds.

Memory of goldfish is 5-6 months. Can memorize feeding hours. Little games can also be taught to it. recognize the owner.

It’s wrong to live in fan.

Fanus is harmful not only to it but to all fish. Bowl water level is low, not enough for fish. Fishes in the fanus are forced to look squint. After a while it eyes begin to deteriorate. Becomes blind.

Note: The purpose of the production of the fanus is to look at the flowers, there is no picture of fish on a fanus box.


Can live for many years

The most known living  It has lived for 44 years. the oldest living Japanese fish is 38 years old.  If your goldfish care well, it can be with you for a long time. It can grow up to 25 cm in size in a large aquarium. For this reason, goldfish, also known as a species of fish that cannot live in narrow spaces, such as a lantern, is also known as large aquarium fish.

Japanese fish, also known as fish species that require more oxygen than many aquarium species, are also known as the first fish species that come to the surface of the water in the event of oxygen depletion. Therefore, the oxygen installation in the aquarium should be checked at regular intervals.

Love the fish over time and love the cat loves you like

It is possible to love fish by hand. If you do this too much, the fish may be damaged

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