Black Husky Breed İnformations

Black Husky Breed İnformations

Have you seen black husky before? Siberian husky is a breed of dog, and since its origin is Siberia, it is called by this name. These dogs are also known as Husky. The Siberian husky is the most preferred and fed dog breed by dog lovers in the husky. Siberian Huskys have colorful furs. There are black husky ,white husky, red husky and agouti species.

Siberian Black Husky Specialists

black siberian husky

  • They usually have ice blue eyes.
  • Some of them can be in brown and blue colors.
  •  Adult male Siberian husky can reach 60cm in length. The length of the females is 50cm.
  • Adult male Siberian husky can reach up to 30 kilos. It is 23 kilos in teeth.
  • Their average life span is 12-15 years.
  • They are dogs that love cold weather because of their origin.
  • The front and rear legs of these dogs have been developed to facilitate their movement on the snow.
  • It has strong body structures.
  • The skull of these dogs, also called Husky, is long and also sharp.
  • Ears are upright.
  • They are usually in black or gray colors
  • Thanks to their fur – They are dogs that are durable up to 60C.
  • Feathers are of medium length and thick.
  • Their tails are similar to foxtail.

Siberian Husky Care  (Black ,grey,white.. )

Siberian huskies are generally very easy to maintain. But for the first time, it can be difficult for dog ministers. Siberian huskies are not dogs that need much bathing, and they can stay clean even once a year. What the Siberian  needs very much is combing its feathers.

It is appropriate to comb the Siberian husky’s feathers once a week. However, it will be more accurate to comb every day during molting times. The moulting times of these dogs are seen twice a year if they live in warm places. It is important to comb the hairs frequently at this time. It should also be shortened when its hair grows longer. Apart from this, the nails of the dogs’ feet should be cut frequently and care should be taken not to injure them. Dogs’ ears should also be cleaned regularly.

Feeding of Siberian Husky

Attention should be paid to the food of these dogs of people who feed the  black Siberian husky. It should be fed with foods suitable for their age. Cooked bone or fatty foods should be avoided. During the training, food such as biscuits etc. can be given to these dogs as a reward.

black and white husky breed

Black Husky Characteristics

  1. They are dogs with stubborn personality of Siberian dogs.
  2. Dogs that look scary with their ice blue eyes are quite docile.
  3. It is a dog that is fond of their freedom.
  4. Clever are also playful dogs.
  5. They are extremely loving and affectionate dogs to their owners.
  6. Huskies have an energetic structure.
  7. They are resistant to living in the cold.
  8. hey get along well with children.
  9. They have high agreements with other dog breeds
  10. They are dogs that do not like barking, but who like to howl.
  11. Dogs who like to run fast are used in sled races because of these features.
Yes, The Siberian husky is the most preferred and fed dog breed by dog lovers in the husky. Siberian Huskys have colorful furs. There are black husky ,white husky, red husky and agouti species.
Huskies are kind, playful, but stubborn and mischievous. These cheerful dogs are very attached to their family. They are intelligent, social, calm and easy-going dogs. They are patient with children. Training; It is possible with patience, consistency, and an understanding of the character of an Arctic dog. This dog can be opportunistic. It is the perfect running companion as long as the weather isn't hot.
Pure white husky breeds are rare. A white husky is indeed one of the most striking dog breeds. The all white husky dog can be the most loyal, hardworking and loyal dog of canine companions.

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