Choosing The Right Cat For You

Adopting or buying a pet cat is certainly an exciting time, however to ensure that you and your pet are happy together you need to consider what type of cat suits your likes, home, budget and family.

Whilst choosing the individual cat you take home with you will ultimately be an emotional decision, you can easily narrow down your choices by addressing a few key areas of cat ownership.

Which cat right for me ?

These include:

Long or short hair cat?
Indoor or outdoor?
One or more cats?
Buy or Adopt?
Coat Type

Choosing between a long or short haired cat comes down to aesthetics (looks) as well as whether or not you have allergies or are planning to keep the cat inside where an abundance of hair may bother you. Most long haired breeds like Persians require personal grooming, whilst a semi-longhair or shorthair breed will not require much or any grooming by the owner. Keep this in mind when choosing a cat!

Indoors vs Outdoors

Whilst it is always wise to lock your cat inside at night, will you be keeping him outside or inside during the day? Or a combination of both? Some cat breeds love the freedom of outdoors, whilst others prefer being quietly inside. Choose a cat which suits your lifestyle.

How many cats?

If you are adopting kittens, sometimes it?s a good idea to take two together. This gives the kittens company and allows them to not have to adjust to a single life. On the other hand, it will of course cost you more in food and vet bills so make sure you weigh up both sides.

Buy or Adopt?

If you are after a pedigree (purebred) cat, then you’ll almost always have to buy from a breeder. Prices can vary from a couple of hundred for some breeds up to nearly $1000 for rare or exotic breeds. If you are not into cat showing and just want a friendly pet, or perhaps want to save a life, visit your local cat shelter and you can pick one up there for just the price of desexing and worming (usually around $100 or less).

Good luck with your cat search!

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2 Responses

  1. ramy charles says:

    My cat has episodes of twitching of his tail when he will hiss, growl and swat at his tail or anyone around him. He will attack and try to bite anyone around him. This has been going on since I adopted him when he was 1 year old. The vet has given him amitriptyline (5mg) once a day. These episodes seem to happen most mid morning and early evening. Any suggestions?

    • petlife says:

      Behavioral issues that deal with aggression can be very difficult to deal with and I would encourage you to be exercise caution with your cat. These are very complicated cases and take a lot of work. I would first encourage you to have a full behavioral work up done on your cat. This should be ideally done with a veterinary behaviorist. If there is not one in your area, there are several that will do consults on the phone. A behavioral consult includes a full history, including how long it’s been going on, where it happens, who your cat targets, what his body posture is, how he acts before and after, what you’ve done to correct him and how he’s reacted, how your house is set up, what his normal habits are etc. A full physical exam including lab work, urine check etc is also recommended to rule out any underlying medical condition. At our clinic, our behavior consults are a full hour and some behaviorists plan to spend several hours with their patients originally to get a handle on the situation. The behaviorist will then work with you to make a plan to try to reduce its aggression. This may include positive reinforcement of good behaviors (some even use clicker training), redirection techniques, environmental changes and enrichment. It may also include medication, like the amitriptyline he is currently on. Medication is usually only one part of the treatment plan though. The difficult thing with aggression cases are that the cats are unpredictable and the aggression can cause serious harm. Talk to your veterinarian further about what options you have in your area and good luck.

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