The Dangers of Using a Dog Training Collar

Electronic dog training collars are not as safe as others claim them to be. The collars being made today are not as dangerous and unsophisticated as the ones used before but still before you get one to use on your dog, read on to know about the drawbacks of using such training devices. What Are the Dangers of a Dog Shock Collar? The answer to this question is below

What are the dangers of using a dog training collar?

Pain. Training collars have various levels of pain stimuli: from a harmless vibration to a painful jolt. Some pet owners tested electronic collars and found out that in some higher levels, the pain inflicted is unbearable. Would you agree to subject your own pet to such pain?

Stress. Subjecting a dog to random intervals of electric shock

can render him unsure of his surroundings. Constant fear may develop in a dog that experienced repeated electric shocks. The dog’s internal organs can also be damaged as a result of these inflicted shocks.

Burns and injury. If the owner is unsure of how to use the collar or if it malfunctions (electronic collars are prone to this), it can result to injury. A common side effect is burnt fur or skin.

Your dog will begin to feel unsafe around you. Don’t be surprised if your dog starts avoiding you as a result of the pain you inflict through this device!

Increased aggression. A shock collar was designed to associate pain with a restricted activity however your dog might associate the pain with other objects or people. This results to aggressiveness towards these objects or other people which can prove to be dangerous.

• The shock collar may be triggered by other electronic devices like a radio, TV or car battery. This will definitely add to your pet’s distress and discomfort.

Having learned the dangers of an electronic dog training collar, why not use a gentle spray collar?

This type of collar is designed to go easy on your dog, it is humane and veterinarian approved because citronella is a distilled essential oil from plants. It is an effective, quick way to solve barking problems in your dog and other behavioral problems. Better yet, your dog will not associate the citronella scent to you thus not affecting the way he looks up to you as beloved master.

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5 Responses

  1. Angela Tovey says:

    I prefer harness for my dogs. Less damage to throat & better control especially for my big dog Princess.

  2. Carol Owen says:

    I don’t see any reason to use a shock collar ever. Train the pet owner.

  3. Sheela Joby says:

    Informative article.

  4. Joan says:

    Many dog owners can learn from this article. Gives great reasoning.

  5. Joy Foulkes says:

    There’s no need to use shock collars…..ever. No dog deserves that. It’s the owners that need the training

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