The Siberian Husky Puppy

Background on The Siberian Husky Dog

The Siberian Husky is a working dog originally from the northern climates of Siberia. Huskies are a descendant of the original  sled dogs, and are capable of hard work. They are members of the Spitz family, like Pomeranians (Read more about Pomeranian), but much larger. They have triangular ears, a long tail, and a thick double coat of fur.

A Dog That Likes To Stay Active

Huskies are dogs with high energy, and they need to stay active. After a long history of pulling sleds across the wintery tundra, these dogs appreciate exercise. Taking on the responsibility of owning a husky means making sure you can provide it with the space to move, and time to do it.

The ideal space for a Siberian Husky to call home is one that has a designated play area for them. This is an ideal plan to help protect your own belongs too. If possible to set aside part of a room or other wide area for your Siberian Husky to be able to play freely and get exercise. An ample backyard is also a good idea to give him space to run. Without being able to play and move about, Huskies can’t expend all their pent up energy.

Huskies will sleep for ten hours a night, and then nap for another three to four hours during the day. This is now surprise given how active they are when they are awake! It is important that your pet get its rest along with its playtime so that they are at their optimal health and well being.

Background on The Siberian Husky Dog

Getting Out And About With A Siberian Husky

Huskies love to play outside, and should get plenty of time to explore their environment. They are known as the ‘digging dog’ for their love of tearing holes into the ground. If you have pretty flowers and landscaping, it is best to dog proof it or surrender it to your Siberian Husky. Taking this dog out in public is best with a leash. Their curious nature can have them running off and getting into all sorts of trouble. That is best avoided.

Breeding of Siberian Huskies

Deciding to breed your Husky is a serious decision. A vet can help you make the right choice and can give you guidance along the way if you do decide to pursue breeding. Female Siberian Huskies should not be bred before eighteen months old. It is dangerous to them and the potential pups. Siberian Huskies have a gestation period of 56-65 days.

Husky puppies will open their eyes between seven and ten days old. They will crawl to their mother to nurse by instinct. If necessary, you may need to supplement their feeding with milk alternatives. A litter of puppies is a giant undertaking, and require almost constant care from you as well as from your own dog.

Siberian Huskies are active, independent dogs that love running around and exploring the world around them. They are an excellent breed to bring into your home if you’re ready for an adventure – and think you can keep up.

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