Types Of Herding Dog Breeds

The Herding Group is the latest classification of the American Kennel Club; before 1983 the herding group was considered part of the working dog group. Among this hard-working group of breeds are Old English Sheepdogs, Collies, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Briards, Belgian Malinois, Collies, Canaan Dogs, Australian Cattle Dogs, and Pulis.

Herding dogs retain their instincts and can be spend a lot of their time quite amusingly trying to herd everyone and everything around them, including other pets and people. Like working dogs, many of these dogs need a lot of exercise.

They were bred to run around all day long herding cattle, sheep and goats. Many herding dogs are good with children, because they were not originally bred to hunt and have less aggression in them than some other breeds.

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Made famous by Lassie, are highly intelligent and make affectionate family companions. They weigh in the range of 30 to 50 pounds.

Grooming: Collies have thick, beautiful, luxuriant fur that requires frequent brushing but should not need trimming.

Types Of Herding Dog Breeds

Exercise: Collies need a lot of exercise. They were bred to spend the day outside running circles around sheep and cows.

Small children: Collies love children and are a good fit.

Aggressiveness: Collies are generally friendly, happy and good natured.

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Old English Sheepdogs are big, shaggy, dogs with friendly, outgoing personalities. They weigh around 50-70 pounds.

Grooming: Old English Sheepdogs have very thick shaggy fur which will need regular vigorous brushing. They may need some trimming to keep hair out of their eyes.

Exercise: Medium to high amount of exercise needed.

Small children: They are affectionate and loyal dogs who love their families and play well with children.

Aggressiveness: Despite their friendly personalities, Old English Sheepdogs can be very protective of their families. However, they are not vicious or overly aggressive.


Are believed to have some Dingo (wild Australian dog) in them. They have distinctive spotted coats and weigh around 30-40 pounds.

Grooming: Australian Cattle Dogs need extensive grooming.

Exercise: They are high energy working dogs who benefit from a lot of exercise and play.

Small children: They are very loyal to their families and generally good with small children that they have been raised with since a puppy; however they should not be around children that they are unfamiliar with.

Aggressiveness: They are quite territorial and defensive of their families. They may be aggressive towards strangers.

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