Can I Find A Dog That Likes Cats-What dogs can live with cats?

Can I Find A Dog That Likes Cats-What dogs can live with cats?

If you already have a cat (or maybe you have more than one cat) and would like to add a pet dog to your family, you may be wondering , What dogs can live with cats?

It may seem that this would be a relatively easy question to answer, but like people, animals have all different temperaments – some are common to a particular breed, but each will also have personality traits all its own. This makes it just a little bit tougher to say specifically what breed of dog will – and what breed of dog won’t – get along with your cat.

What Dogs Can Live With Cats?

There are certainly some breeds of dog that are not terribly cat-friendly. Included in the list would be most terriers, like the Jack Russell, the Westie, the Scottie, and the Cairn; Spitzes, which include Huskies, Akitas, Chows, Keeshonds, and Pomeranians among others; and Sight Hounds, such as Afghans, Irish Wolfhounds, Greyhounds, Scottish Deerhounds and Whippets. This of course leaves many, many other dog breeds to choose from that will more than likely get along just fine with the cats in your home.

What you need to keep in mind is that nearly any animal can be trained to get along with your other pets; it just may take some work and patience on your part. If you bring home a puppy, he or she shouldn’t have too much trouble adapting to the cats in your family, but an adult dog that has not been raised with cats and doesn’t know how to socialize with them, may be somewhat tougher. There may be quite a long period of acclimation before the animals begin to get along with one another.

What dogs get on well with cats?

It may help speed the friendship process along if you leave the dog on a leash inside the house, while the cat becomes accustomed to his new housemate. Petting the cat and then the dog will give the dog the scent of the cat – and of course doing the opposite by petting the dog and then the cat will give the cat the scent of the dog – may help the process as well, because this is how animals are able to communicate with one another to determine which animals are threats and which are not.

Another good idea would be to make sure you have a tall area, perhaps a scratching post, where the cat can climb up to escape the exuberance of your new dog. This will allow both you and your cat to feel comfortable when you find you must leave them alone together. When given the opportunity, they will eventually work it out between themselves.

So do not worry excessively about your new puppy and old family friend getting along. Do what you can to help them maneuver the difficulties of getting to know one another and then step back and let nature take its course. Ultimately, they’re bound to be the best of friends.

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