Iguana Health Problems

Iguana Health Problems

We should care for our pets for a healthy and comfortable life. Although animals far from their natural habitats live longer, we cannot say that they will get sick less.Like all pets, iguanas have their share of health problems. Some of these include bladder stones, mites, and egg binding. Here’s a look at some of the most common iguana health problems.

Bladder Stones

Urine contains minerals that are supposed to be broken down naturally. If instead it accumulates, stones may develop in the urinary bladder. This usually causes symptoms such as lethargy and straining during urination. If the stones get too long, the abdomen may swell in response. The veterinarian will have to perform an x-ray to determine if bladder stones are indeed the problem. Upon successful diagnosis, surgery is required to extract the stone.

Egg Binding is an iguana health problem

One of the next common iguana health problems is egg binding. This potentially life-threatening condition affects females and occurs when they can’t expel an egg from their reproductive tract. Egg binding can occur due to various illnesses, malnutrition, or eggs that are too large or malformed. Again, an x-ray is required to diagnose the problem. The two main methods of treatment include surgery and medication.  iguana health problems  about  detailed information


Mites are external parasites that live on your iguana. If they are left untreated, they can cause more serious problems. They can also infect your other pets if you have any. You may notice little brown, red, or white specs moving around. In addition to treating your iguana, you will also need to treat the surrounding environment so the problem doesn’t recur.


All iguanas need a source of heat and light. However, heat lamps and light bulbs can also burn your lizard if he’s not too careful. Therefore, you need to install a protective device when using light bulbs or heat lamps to prevent burns.

Nose Abrasions

Nose abrasions are one of the final common iguana health problems. This occurs when your pet repeatedly bumps up against the walls of the enclosure trying to get out. Over time, this causes abrasions to form on the nose. This can sometimes can serious and permanent injuries.