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Dog care tricks are not difficult when they are known.
It gives information to people who want to look at the dog. The dog gives free information for dog care to the owner. Dogs are among the most fed pets in the world. There are educational articles for all types of dogs in this category .

are bananas bad for you 1

What Not To Feed Dogs ?

Dogs smell everything and want to eat everything, but What Not To Feed Dogs ? A new and cute member is added to our house...

changing a puppy’s food 0

Introducing a New Food to a Puppy

Introducing a New Food to a puppy is important because even if it is a healthy food. Other reasons may include an allergic reaction to...

İf Your Dogs Teeth Falling Out 0

When Do Puppies Start Teething?

When do puppies start teething ?  If you have owned a newborn dog, you must have noticed that your dog does not have teeth. Dogs...


What to Expect from Your Pomsky Puppy

You’re likely reading this because one of the hundreds of images you’ve found online have all but convinced you that Pomskies might be the cutest...


Dog Aggression Training

Having problems with your dog’s behavior? Any behavior in dogs shown with the intent to cause harm like growling, barking and biting is a sign...


Puppy Care | Raising Your Puppy

The prospect of getting a new puppy can be both exciting and frightening, as they present not only a great deal of fun and a...


About development the puppy

There are enormous changes to areas including the heart and circulatory systems, bones, brain and digestive organs. From birth to week one Following birth, a...