Agouti Husky Breed Informations And Images

Agouti Husky Breed Informations And Images

Have you ever heard of agouti husky? And What is an agouti? It is a Husky type and looks beautiful. Agouti husky is famous for its unique fantastic colored fur. The agouti pattern is also known as wild coloring / wild type. It shows in the dog in the typical wolf gray or gray clouded dog breeds. Very well known for this coloring, which also the wolf has, are e.g. Wolf spitz, gray German shepherd dogs or Siberian huskies. The individual hairs of this color type are ‘banded’ single hair has more than one color. For example, the hair be light but have a black tip. There is also a dark mask in many cases. Wild coloring in some cases can easily be confused with sable colored dogs.

Characteristics of the Agouti Siberian husky

Agouti Husky

  • Agouti Siberian Husky is known as herding dogs, and the pack should always have a leader. Training becomes easier if the owner takes the position of leader because the dog respects you. But don’t be surprised if he occasionally tries to test his position in the herd and gain control.
  • In such cases, they will be stubborn, but should not be deceived. Assert yourself as a leader by applying rules clearly and consistently, not by bullying or hitting them.
  • Keeping your dog waiting for the meal is one of the best ways to show your leadership role. Husky will see you as the guardian of food, treats, toys and all other similar resources and valuable assets.
  • This high-energy breed can be damaging indoors and out – especially when bored or not exercised enough. Left alone, they can ruin a home and even chew a cement wall.
  • They dig flower gardens the same way, but can be trained to dig a specific spot in the garden. Your dog will be happier if you teach them to dig a point instead of breaking this habit.
  • By their naughty and playful nature, they are quite cute and they like to show off their social skills.
  • Agouti Huskies hardly bark at all. This is good news. If the bad news is, they like to howl. Agouti can be very frustrating for your neighbors. Unless you have a properly trained, well-exercised Siberian Husky, they are not ideal pets for apartments.

Specialists of the Agouti Siberian husky

The lifespan of the Agouti Siberian Husky is 15 years. Female specimens reach a size 20 inch, while males reach 20-23 inch. In terms of weight, the husky weighs 35 to 50 lb (female) and 44 to 59 lb (male animals).

The Husky has a well-proportioned, compact body. His almond-shaped eyes can be brown, blue or multi-colored. His medium-sized ears are triangular and stand upright.

The fur of the Siberian Husky is dense, medium-long and looks like a fur. Care and life are the same as for other husky.

  • He is athletic and strong.
  • Agouti husky is an independent and elusive dog. Good education should be given. If you are going to be your first dog, you should seek professional help.
  • It cannot be easily adapted to apartment life.
  • It is a breed that does not like to be alone.
  • Agouti siberian husky is resistant to cold weather.
  • It also tolerates hot weather as long as it is not extremely hot.
  • They are affectionate with family, children, other dogs and creatures
  • There is a high tendency to bark and howl.
  • He likes to travel.
  • Energy level is high.
  • He likes to play games.
  • The need for exercise is high.

Typical colors of the fur for HUSKY  :

  • White
  • black
  • silver
  • copper
  • agouti

The animals are usually multi-colored.

If you are interested in colored fur husky types, we recommend you read our white husky article.

Wooly Agouti husky is a very nice light shade. It is available in cream, gray and as so-called wolf agoutis. It arises in matings with rotbraum / white + white or dilute for cream and black / white + white or diltue for gray. Of course, Agouti also comes in Agouti (cream) + Agouti (cream) for cream and Agouti (gray) + Agouti (gray) for gray, but there is also the option with Agouti (cream) + Agouti (gray) that will become wolfs Agoutis, cream or / and gray. The Wolfs Agouti can also be found in Wolfs Agouti + Wolfs Agouti.

Agouti Siberian Husky Breed Information

This breed has been used by the people of chukchi in Siberia for sledging, herding reindeer herds and as a guard dog. It was taken to Alaska in 1905 and attracted attention after being used in the transportation of medicines related to the disease (diphtheria) that originated in Alaska, a difficult region.It’s spread all over the world from here.

They are very attached to their family and get along well with the children. Although it is not used in sledging, it is prone to group work and is social. It is a loving animal, although its ice-blue eyes have a frightening effect. If he’s alone in the house, you might find gnawed furniture. He’s a very playful dog. They need constant attention, and they’re prone to psychological problems. We see problems like tail-gnawing.

What is an agouti?

Agouti is a color. Agouti is a fur pattern in wild animals. When you type agouti in the search field, you will see a rodent resembling a mouse. Some breeds of horses and dogs have agouti color. For example agouti color husky, agouti horse. Agouti is also the “wild type” in dogs. So the original version of the gene at the A locus without one of the mutations that are responsible for the other coat patterns. In dogs, Agouti is a.o. also referred to as wolf gray, wolf colored, wild marks or boar colors.

Agouti color for dogs

what is an agouti

With hair alternately banded with eumelanin and phaeomelanin, all combinations are possible that exist in dogs. The pheaomelanin in the light bands can have different color intensities from white to red-blonde: And the eumelanin in the dark bands can be black, brown, blue or lilac, depending on the dog. This of course allows many different combinations that give the respective dog a rather light or rather dark coat color.

Care For Agouti husky

Agouti Siberian Husky dogs shed twice a year. Its hair should be combed with a dog comb 1-2 times a week. Siberian huskies that do not need any extra need should be taken under veterinary control during their intense molting periods. Precautions should be taken against harmful parasites that may arise in the ears and ears of Siberian Huskies and care should be taken to clean them.

An agouti husky is a furry running siberian husky dog characterized by colored bands that change along individual hair shafts. Alaskan huskies can have any jacket pattern, including aguties.
Height Male 53 - 60 cm - Height Female - 51 - 56 cm Weight Male 20,5 - 27 Kg - 16 - 22,5 Kg in Weight Female Lifespan is average 12 years.
Husky breed dogs lived in flocks. They continued to live in this way for many years, and only one leader in the herd! Keep this in mind. Either you are the leader of your dog and herd, or your Siberian Wolf manages you as he wishes.
Although they are known for their domesticity, they are a species that is fond of freedom and hunter, even though they are wolves in their genes. It is harmless unless it is specifically provoked and can turn into a very dangerous attack tool in bad hands. For this reason, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been a dangerous species of Husky dogs since 1979.

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