What is canine distemper (panleukopenia) ? Disease symptoms and treatment methods


What are the symptoms of distemper in cats and dogs and how to solve them. Disease symptoms and treatment methods, here are all the details.

First of all, the distemper virus in dogs is popularly known as a distemper disease in dogs. This distemper for dogs is a highly contagious and deadly disease. Although the disease is most common in puppies aged 3-6 months, all dogs that have not been vaccinated as puppies are at risk. Although distemper in dogs can be prevented by vaccination, unfortunately many dogs die from this disease.

How is it found?

Canine distemper, from infected dogs; sneezing or coughing, saliva or urine, faeces, in newborns it is passed from the sick mother to the offspring. It can also be transmitted through the sharing of water and food utensils.

What are the all symptoms?

– Fire
– Runny nose and eyes
– Dry cough
– shortness of breath
– Loss of appetite
– vomiting
– Diarrhea
– Nervous system
– Weakness
– depression
– muscle twitching
– Paralysis
– seizures
– Tick formation

There are 5 Forms of Distemper Disease

– Eye form: (Discharges are seen in the eye)
– Respiratory form: (Dry cough, high fever, eye redness, runny nose are seen)
– Skin form: (dandruff on the skin, thickening of the nose and soles of the feet)
– Digestive form: (Symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss are seen)
– Nervous form: (The dog’s chance to survive is further reduced because tremors and tics may occur and these findings can greatly affect the dog’s adaptation to life, permanent damage may occur)

It is not necessary to see all of the symptoms listed here, it has been emphasized that they can be seen in many forms.

Can distemper be treated at home?
Can distemper be treated at home?

What is the treatment? Virus

It is not possible to eliminate the effects of this disease with antibiotic treatment, so the most effective method of protection against the disease is to vaccinate your dog against this disease. That’s why it’s so important to vaccinate your puppy at the right age. Most immunization schedules usually begin at 6-8 weeks of age. Annual revaccination is required.
Treatments are mostly aimed at reducing the effects of the disease. The symptoms and effects of the disease can be alleviated, but the disease cannot be eradicated. Therefore, it is likely to result in death. Therefore, it is accepted that the most effective treatment method in this disease is to take precautions.

Vaccination can only be given to healthy dogs. It is out of the question to vaccinate a dog with distemper. Your dog should be vaccinated before it becomes ill.

To Protect Our Dogs From Distemper Disease;

The best way to prevent this deadly disease is to apply at least 2 doses of vaccine with 2-3 weeks intervals when our dogs are between 6-16 weeks of age, and our dog’s immunity should be ensured. It should also be known that this virus does not pose a risk to human health and early diagnosis and treatment are of great importance.

How long can a dog live with canine distemper?

Appropriate treatment programs should be provided in both distemper disease and all other disease cases. In case of encountering the symptoms described above, it is important to consult Lima Vet, the on-call veterinary clinic that works 24/7 and has all the necessary laboratories, as soon as possible and regular veterinary checkups are important.

It will be good if you take the necessary precautions before your animals get caught in this disgusting virus.

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