Amazon Parrots Personality,food,care and informations for sale

Amazon Parrots Personality,food,care and informations for sale

The parrots that belong to the genus Amazona are commonly known as Amazon parrots. The Amazon parrot is the inhabitant of the new world that ranges from South America, Mexico as well as Caribbean.  Indeed it is believed that the Amazon parrot owe their name to Christopher Columbus who brought this short winged, green colored parrot to Europe. There are as much as 27 species of these parrots around the New.

The Amazon parrot is a very talented and intelligent breed of parrot that excels in the art of talking and imitating various sounds. Their only rivals in this field of art are the African grey parrots. Their specialty at mimicry makes them quite popular as pets or companion parrots. However, these parrots are demanding pets. They crave for attention and love and hence they are not meant for all.

The Yellow–naped Amazon, Orange-winged Amazon, Yellow-headed Amazon and Blue-fronted Amazon are the four common species of Amazon parrots which are common as pets. These parrots are quite well known because of their exceptional playfulness, vocal abilities and dexterity. The feeding habits of these parrots include fruits, nuts, seeds supplemented with leafy matter. The popularity of these parrots as pets has infact led to the development of a small industry that deals with parrot breeding in captivity.

Amazon Parrots İnformations For Sale

Unfortunately over-stress on this industry has also led some parrot species to the category of threatened animals. Different species of Amazon parrot is sold at different prices that range between $800 – $1600. The price rises higher with the speech ability of the parrot. The cost of this pet varies from species to species and the quality of the bird but on an average it ranges from $250 – $1500.

Parrots are probably the most favorite group of birds with cute characteristics and colorful patterns. If you happen to be a parrot lover. You would certainly be having some attractive parrot pictures set as wallpapers on your computer screen. Among the several types of parrots found around the world, Amazon Parrots are among the social, playful and energetic ones.

Amazon Parrots Food And Care

These green colored, short winged parrots have 27 different species spread over South Africa, the Caribbean and Mexico. Amazon Parrots are talkative and best imitators and their intelligence is said to match with 3 year old human child, monkeys and dolphins. They are 36 cm long and have an average life-span of 50-70 years. However, they can live longer depending on the care being taken. If you want information about the Grey African Parrot, we recommend you to read this article.

They are sometimes irritable, stubborn, quite and jealous while at other times they might be loud, cuddly and playfully aggressive. If you are planning to buy an Amazon parrot, be ready to shower all your attention on it as they need a lot of care and love.

Amazon Parrots normally live on fresh water, vegetables, fruits and parrot pellet mix. You can also give it a share from your family dinner as long as the food is salt free and healthy. Never feed it with alcohol, caffeine, avocado, chocolate and apple seeds as these things are toxic to them.

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