African Grey parrot , price, care, feeding

African Grey parrot , price, care, feeding

An amazingly intelligent species, the African grey parrot has been charming many as their pets for more than 4000 years now. This medium sized parrot generally inhabits the rain forest of Central and West Africa. As per the Egyptian hieroglyphics, the African grey parrots were kept as pets for the first time by the Egyptians. The Romans and Greeks equally value this wonderful bird and the Romans are also known to keep them in special ornate cages. It is interesting to know that even King Henry VII was also a proud owner of an African grey parrot.

African grey parrot

Considered to be the best in mimics among the parrot species, the African grey parrots are quite strong. They are even known to bite with their pointed beaks and scratch with their sharp claws. The preferable diet for these parrots include broccoli, mustard greens, some cheese and at times almonds. Their dietary requirements are quite special as their food should be suitably supplemented with Vitamin A and calcium. However, an excess of these supplements can lead to severe health issues.

Since the African grey parrots are heavy birds, only a few of their feathers need clipping. If more feathers from the wings are clipped. The flight of the bird will be severely impaired and can also result in injury. The Africa gray parrots live for an average of 50 years if kept in captivity. The pet shops that keep the African grey parrot for sale differ quite a bit in their price range. Still on an average these parrots are available between the price range of $600 – $1000.

African Congo Grey parrot

The short-tailed stocky African Congo Grey parrot date back to almost over 4000 years, (scientific name – Psittacus erithacus erithacus) and the Timneh African Grey Parrot (scientific name – Psittacus erithacus timneh) is regarded as the most successful human companion. The Congo African grey parrot is the larger of the two species with 12 inches length, deep red colored tail, light grey colored feather and black beak. The other sub species is smaller in size, charcoal grey colored feather with a maroon tail and a light horn upper

The African Congo Grey parrot had a probable origin in Central and West Africa. Even King Henry VII had an African Congo Grey parrot as a pet. And the Portuguese sailors used these parrots as their companions during their long sea voyages. This species of African Congo Grey parrot owe their popularity and demand to their charming intelligence, communication ability and the art of mimicking a wide range of sounds. The African Congo Grey parrot craves for attention and show their agitation by plucking feathers when neglected. If disturbed, they can even bite which can be very

The African Congo Grey parrot weighs around 300-400gms and the most suitable food for them are fruits and vegetables mixed with Quality parrot mix pellets. There are many pet shops where you can buy these parrots at the usual rates of $900 – $1000.

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