Can dogs have eggs? Are raw eggs good for dogs?

Can dogs have eggs? Are raw eggs good for dogs?

Many dog ​​owners are convinced that eggs are healthy for the dog’s fur. However, there are also opponents with a completely different point of view. But what is right now? Can dogs have eggs or not? Yes, dogs can have eggs but how they should it? Let’s go to deep into our article for answers..

Are eggs good for dogs?

Can dogs have eggs?

Can dogs have eggs?

Yes, eggs good for dogs.There’s a good reason many dog ​​owners offer their dog eggs for consumption. This isn’t just related to fur. In chicken eggs there are nutrients that benefit your four-legged friend. To a large extent, these are the proteins, as well as the fatty and amino acids. These can be found in the yolk in particular. The amino acids are needed for different reasons. On the one hand, the dog’s metabolism is stimulated. In addition, cell formation and muscle building are promoted. The fatty acids are used for the special and healthy shine in the coat. Cholesterol and lecithin are also present in high concentrations. Substances that also contribute to the formation of new cells.

Can dogs eat raw eggs?

No,You should never give an egg raw to a dog, as it contains ingredients that can lead to protein deficiency symptoms.

Many dog ​​owners who do not feed raw eggs point to possible salmonella. However, this is only partially correct. The real reason why you shouldn’t give raw eggs to your dog is because of the egg white. This contains the components avidin and trypsin inhibitors. These are proteins that disturb digestion and can cause deficiency symptoms. However, these are destroyed during the cooking process.

The yolk can be given raw without hesitation, as there are no negative components. However, the prerequisite is that it is an absolutely fresh egg. The well-known salmonella form in the egg yolk. Therefore, the eggs should be obtained from the trusted dealer

  • Eggs are well tolerated by dogs when cooked.
  • You can also feed the egg yolks raw, that’s no problem. However, the egg white should always be cooked.
  • Raw egg white contains two proteins that can impair digestion and nutrient absorption in dogs. These are the two proteins avidin and trypsin inhibitor.
  • If you give your dog raw egg white to eat, serious deficiency symptoms can result.

Can dogs eat egg shells?

Yes,Egg shells are high in calcium. Regardless of whether it is boiled or raw egg shells – they are a natural source of calcium for the dog. So that our fur nose can utilize the calcium, the shells have to be ground up. The smaller the better. Crushed with a mortar, mixer or coffee grinder, the shells can be mixed with the food.

Can dogs eat scrambled eggs?

If you want to give your dog eggs, it is important to distinguish between raw and boiled eggs and between egg white and egg yolk. Because raw egg white contains the proteins avidin and trypsin inhibitors. These substances have a negative impact on the dog’s digestion and bind the enzyme avidin in the dog’s body. As a result, vital nutrients can no longer be absorbed by the body. This can lead to severe deficiency symptoms.

Can dogs eat boiled eggs?

Unlike raw eggs, boiled eggs do not contain avidin. And the danger of salmonella has also been largely eliminated by heating. So dogs are allowed to eat boiled eggs! Not only that, with all the good fats, amino acids and vitamins, they are an important source of nutrients and can have a positive effect on the metabolism. That is why some boiled eggs are also found in dog food.

How often can a dog have an egg?

As with all things, you should pay attention to the amount. Every now and then you can give your dog an egg.

Our recommendation:

  1. small breeds of dogs: 1 egg per week
  2. medium breeds: 1-2 eggs per week
  3. large breeds of dogs: 1-3 eggs per week

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