Types Of Terrier Dog Breeds

Types Of Terrier Dog Breeds

Terrier breeds were originally bred to hunt foxes and rabbits and vermin, including rodents. Most members of this breed, with a few exceptions, originated in Britain. They are energetic and have feisty personalities. They can be territorial and defensive, but except for the tiny breeds like Yorkies, are generally good with children.

The only concern can be that because they are so playful and full of energy, a larger breed of Terrier could accidentally harm a smaller child while playing. Their size ranges greatly, from the tiny Yorkie, discussed in the toy breeds, to the Airedale Terrier, which weighs 50 to 100 pounds. There are also Welsh Terriers, West Highland White Terriers, soft-coated Wheaten Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Sealyham Terriers, Skye Terriers, Cairn Terriers, Bull Terriers, and many others.

Here are the characteristics of some of the more popular breeds of Terrier:


Airedale Terriers were originally bred to hunt Otters and they love the water. Grooming: Airedales have hard, wiry coats that should be kept trimmed. Exercise: They are very energetic and need a lot of exercise, or they may become destructive and hyperactive. Small children: Some Airedales can be aggressive; they were originally bred to hunt. They also are playful and have a lot of energy, so they could unintentionally hurt a small child if left alone with it. Aggressiveness: See above. They can make good watchdogs.


The last of our list of terrier breeds is the Boston Terrier. Although he comes from the US, but the American terrier breeds are of course also from the British. Everyone loves this pet because of its small size. They weigh no more than 12 kilos. He has a short snout, large, pointed ears, a compact body and strong limbs and a short tail. The short, close-fitting coat does not need much care.

This dog hears very well when taught obedience from puppy age. He is friendly .His character is cheerful and he gets along well with children. Terriers are among the most popular dogs in the world. Both British and American breeds have similar characteristics. You choose


bull terriers

Bull Terriers are medium sized but extremely solid and muscular. They can easily weigh up to 70 pounds. Grooming: Minimal. They have short smooth coats. Exercise: They are very energetic and need a lot of exercise. Small children: Bull Terriers, despite their fierce appearance, have a good temperament and are good with children. Aggressiveness: They are generally friendly and good nature.


Irish Terriers are handsome little dogs who generally weigh about 25 pounds. Grooming: They have a dense and wiry coat which requires occasional trimming. Exercise: They need a medium amount of exercise. They will not be happy if always cooped up. Small children: They are very good with small children. Aggressiveness: Not overly aggressive; sometimes territorial with other dogs.


Jack Russell Terriers are merry, humorous little dogs who generally weigh about 13-17 pounds. Grooming: They have a short, wiry coat that does not require much care. Exercise: They are very energetic and prefer a lot of exercise. Small children: Opinions on this vary. Jack Russell Terriers can be nippy and can get irritated with children who play too roughly and don’t respect their boundaries. Aggressiveness: They are generally friendly and affectionate but very loyal to their owners and families – possibly to the point of being territorial. If you have hobbies like hunting, these dog breeds are just for you.


Wheaten Terriers are handsome, playful, medium-sized dogs who originated in Ireland and weigh around 35 pounds. Grooming: Regular brushing and trimming is needed. Exercise: They need a lot of exercise, walking and attention. Small children: Wheatens love children, but may be rough with them because they are so playful. Aggressiveness: Wheatens are generally friendly and not overly nervous or aggressive.


yorkshire terrier

Very long, silky hair is divided into two along the back line and poured on both sides. The Yorkshire Terrier’s feathers are steel blue on the body and tail, and skin color elsewhere. Puppies are born black and tan. Yorkshire has a flat head, a medium-sized nose, a black nose and regular teeth. The eyes look with a happy expression. The ears are erect or semi-erect with a v-shape. Half of the tail is cut and carried on the back. The legs are perpendicular to the floor, the feet are round with black nails. The hairs on the head are frequent and long enough to require the dog to gather on the hill to facilitate the sight of the dog and prevent it from entering the food container.

This dog breed (Yorkshire Terrier) is a dog breed that doesn’t know the structure and size of its structure, and is always ready for trouble and adventure. A brave, aggressive, energetic and intelligent dog breed. It can be aggressive to small animals and other dogs around. Although it is very prone to education, it has a stubborn nature. It can bite when angered and aggressive. Although there is a dog breed that is troubled about barking, it can be easily taught because it is prone to training. There may be a shortage of toilet training.

Airedale Terrier - American Staffordshire Terrier -Australian Terrier - Bedlington Terrier -Black Russian Terrier - Border Terrier- Boston Terrier - Bull Terrier- Cairn Terrier- Cesky Terrier- Dandie Dinmont Terrier- Glen of Imaal Terrier- Irish Terrier- Kerry Blue Terrier- Lakeland Terrier- Manchester Terrier
The terrier dog family consists of more than 40 members and some of these members do not have the word terrier in their name. Miniature Schnauzer, for example, a very popular dog breed of German origin, is actually a terrier. In other words, many dogs that do not come to mind as a terrier are also members of this crowded family.
It is not very calm, it is a dog that cannot be a lap dog like other small size dogs. The very crowd will not like the love of more than one person at the same time, Maltese Terrier race can spend time playing with toys on its own, of course it needs family love and attention
Terrier is one of the easiest processes in the field of dog training. Terrier dogs are also extremely suitable for feeding in homes and apartments. For this reason, it is among the most owned breeds.


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