What Do Goldfish Eat? 15+ Foods Goldfish Feast On 2022


Yes friends, which goldfish and goldfish should I keep? What are the most beautiful aquarium fish varieties? What do goldfish eat? 6 things to feed your goldfish

How are goldfish, one of the most fed aquarium fish in the world, fed?

Yes dear friends, If you have never fed fish before, you may have questions about which fish food you should use. Questions such as how to choose the right fish food, what should be the protein ratio in fish food may come to your mind. In this article, we will try to answer these questions.

Fish Food

The feeding of fish is a very important subject that needs to be learned. First of all, we would like to tell you that not every fish food is suitable for the fish you keep in the aquarium. Thanks to this article, we would like to share with you that when you find the right fish food for your fish, nutrition should be supported with additional nutrients. In fish nutrition, these complementary foods can be vegetables, depending on the type of fish, but also animal foods such as maggots or insects. A healthy diet for fish is only in this way.

Most aquarium owners feed their fish with general fish food. However, it is beneficial to use special feeds produced according to the type of each fish, that is, considering their needs. In this way, you will be instrumental in keeping the fish healthier and away from stress. You can click on the dark colored area to reach the fish food you are looking for.

Which Aquarium Fish Food 2022

One of the points you should pay attention to when choosing the right fish food is the nutritional preference of your fish. Fish are carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous, that is, they are both carnivorous and herbivorous.

Protein ratio is also important in fish feeds. Therefore, find out how much animal protein your fish will need. Herbivorous and omnivorous fish feed should contain between 5% and 40% protein, depending on the species. Carnivorous fish naturally also need more protein. Again, depending on the species, the feed should contain between 45% and 70% protein.

The shape of the fish food should also be suitable for the diet. That is, the fish food remains on the surface of the water or sinks to the bottom; It is important that it be in the form of flake fish food, granular fish food or tablets. For example, the mouth of catfish is on the lower part of their head and they can eat fish food that sinks to the bottom. The mouth of the fish feeding in front of it is also suitable for collecting the bait from the opposite side. Some fish have their mouths upwards and are suitable for collecting fish food from the water surface. For this reason, fish food should be suitable for the mouth structure of the fish. If we examine fish feeds in general;

Flake fish food stays on the water surface.

Particulate and pellet fish food floats in water and sinks slowly or quickly to the bottom.

Disc-shaped fish food sinks to the bottom. In other words, it is too large for surface-feeding fish to act quickly and steal.

Tablet fish food sinks directly to the bottom. Some tablet-shaped fish food can be attached to the aquarium glass for fish feeding in front of it.

Fish food should be large enough for your fish to eat. If you’ve had the chance to observe, most fish are unable to break down the fish food and swallow it directly. Even if your fish can’t get close to the food or eat it, you have to give the food by breaking it. To explain in more detail,

Beta fish are carnivorous fish and feed on the surface. Ideally, bet fish food should contain at least 45% protein. It should be a floating bait and the bait should be in a size that the beta fish can eat.


Which Goldfish Food

Goldfish is one of the most widely fed fish varieties. These fish are herbivorous creatures, they feed on the surface. For an adult goldfish, 30% of the feed should be protein, and for a juvenile goldfish, 45% of the feed should be protein. Proteins from aquatic plants are prepared in the form of flakes for goldfish. Thus, goldfish meet their nutritional needs with a non-animal protein source and a feed suitable for their mouth structure. We hope you have some idea about fish food selection and fish food types. If you have questions about other topics such as aquarium fish and their care, you can read our other blog posts.

You can find the necessary information on how to feed these magnificent fish on our website. You can also ask us questions from the contact section.

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