How big can a goldfish get?

How big can a goldfish get?

Feeding goldfish is a lot of fun. The reason of the big aquariums that we see especially in the workplaces is the peace of watching fish. Baby aquarium fish are very small and therefore we want the fish to grow rapidly. Well, How big can a goldfish get? We’ve written a few tips to make him healthy and have a long life. Let’s learn together..

How big can goldfish get?

Fish diseases and deaths are caused by various reasons. aquarists can grow healthy fish with small measures. Goldfish grow up to the age of 3 and can breed 3-year-old goldfish. The goldfish, which is part of the carp family, usually reaches only 0.78 to 2 inch in length. But can grow to 11  to 14 centimeters in the wild.Goldfish like frequent water changes, and if you change their waters every 2-3 days, they grow healthier and faster. The most important characteristic of goldfish is the lack of feeling of saturation. The other reason for the death of fish in a short tie, the starvation is forgotten to feed, or vice versa is given to swell excess feed.

How big can a goldfish get?

No matter how much we like to feed them, it’s important not to miss your dose. Goldfish can be fed both carnivorous and herbivorous. Therefore, both groups should be used when feeding. Once or twice a month you can boil vegetables such as peas and spinach and give them to your fish in small pieces. This change will prevent the fish from getting stressed and will keep them in shape.

Goldfish constantly produce faeces, so aquarium cleaning is also important. Goldfish can live in cold water depending on their variety. However, you should learn the type of goldfish and you should take care to adjust the appropriate temperature. There are many different types of goldfish, but their characteristics are generally not very different. They live longer when paying attention to aquarium cleaning and filter systems.

Important for the healthy growth of aquarium fish

No air motor and oxygen filter required to clean the water from the wastes cause the death of the fish in a short time. As they cannot provide the necessary recycling in water. Aquarium, which preserves the life of the fish, removes the residues accumulated on the ground with a special filter system and provides the necessary cycle in water.

The ceramic pebbles in aquarium. Which protects the life of the fish and formed by cooking the clay at a temperature of 1500 degrees, create an ideal environment for fishes to settle the beneficial bacteria that filter into toxic ammonium nitrate. It creates incredible clarity in the aquarium. And contributes to your fish living in a healthier environment for a long time.

If you take care of your fish diet and change its water, you can see that it grows together with your love.

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