Is low grain Dog food good for Dogs? The best dry Dog food 2022


Yes friends,are Grain Free Dog Foods Good Or Bad? We will give you information about what are the best foods for dogs to eat, and how many varieties are available.

In order for dogs to be fed better, they need to be fed with much better food. In this article, we will tell you what kind of food is good for dogs.

If you look at the history of dry food, the first dry food for dogs was produced by James Spratt in the early 1860s. This product, called “dog cake”, is prepared from grain, vegetable and bovine blood. The ancestors of our friends had to be fed with grain-based feeds, where there was almost no meat, since dog nutrition was not given much importance in those years.

Today, more pet products are produced than we can count, since the importance given to dogs has increased. Therefore, the importance given to dry food has increased and grain-free foods that are most suitable for the biological nutrition of dogs have been produced. We cannot finish counting the importance of grain-free foods. However, we can easily express the obvious differences between grain food and grain-free food. Grain-free foods and low-grain foods (containing 20% ​​oats) have developed the most appropriate diet for dog nutrition today. If we come to the most distinctive feature of grain foods, they contain cereals with high glycemic index such as corn, rice and wheat.

These high glycemic index cereals cause dental diseases, diabetes and obesity in dogs. It also causes hypoglycemia, which is called low blood sugar. These grains, which are almost as harmful as sugar for dogs, can make up 70% of the food in grain dog foods. Another negative feature of grain foods is that they have a low meat ratio. They have a very low meat rate of 5% – 30%. The grain ratio in these foods is between at least 30% and at most 70%, which is very serious numbers. Although grain has no place in the diet of dogs, dry foods containing this much grain still occupy a large part of the market. Grain foods make the urine of dogs alkaline, causing stone and sand formation in the kidney and microbe growth. Dogs’ urine needs to be in an acidic state, and this dissolves the stones or gravel that will form in the kidney, eliminating this problem and preventing the reproduction of microbes.

What is required for the urine to be in an acidic state is a protein-based diet of animal origin. However, since the meat ratio is very low in cereal foods, they are generally in the case of a plant-based protein-based diet. Dogs that are carnivorous had to evolve and be fed non-meat, grain-filled feeds because they were not valued by humans for hundreds of years. This has affected the anatomy of dogs quite negatively, as well as their development and health. As a result of the researches, it has been determined that oat is the most beneficial cereal for dogs, which is harmless, easily digestible and easily mixed into the blood, and has a low glycemic index. Oats have 90% solubility in the blood and are the best quality grain that dogs can get from nutritional values. Grains such as maize, wheat, barley, maize gluten meal, sorghum were determined to be the poorest grains for dogs and the most harmful grains that could cause allergic reactions.

In addition, these cereals have a high glycemic index. Like oats, rice is a highly soluble grain, but it is not recommended because it has a high glycemic index and naturally contains a carcinogenic substance called arsenic. Grain-free and low-grain foods are low in carbohydrates. Since carbohydrates can be produced by dogs by synthesizing them from amino acids, the rate of carbohydrates that dogs will receive from the outside, that is, from the diet, is low. It stores the carbohydrates it takes in high amounts as fat, which causes weight gain. The protein quality and digestible protein ratio in cereal foods is very low. Because they are low-quality by-products such as feet, blood, feathers, and plant-based protein-based foods. There is no such situation in grain-free and low-grain foods, as there is meat-weighted protein. If we compare cereal foods with grain-free and low-grain (containing oats) foods, we can rank them as follows. Meat rate is low in Grain Foods.

It is high in carbohydrates. Grain rate and grain variety are high. There is a high probability of allergies. It has chemicals, additives and preservatives. It contains products with a high glycemic index. Not suitable for biological nutrition of dogs. Meat by-products are used. Herbal by-products are used. Poor quality products are used to obtain protein.

Protein quality and digestible protein ratio is low. Meat rate is high in Grain Free and Low Grain Foods. It is low in carbohydrates. No or very low grain. Low-grain foods contain only one type of grain. It is less likely to cause allergies. It does not contain chemicals, additives and preservatives. It contains products with a low glycemic index. It is suitable for biological nutrition of dogs. Real, main meat products are used. Any by-productsreputation is not used. Protein is mostly obtained from natural and animal sources. Protein quality and digestible protein rate is high.

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