Teacup Pomeranian Size, Personality, Grooming and Sale İnformation

Teacup Pomeranian Size, Personality, Grooming and Sale İnformation

As your family is looking for a puppy or dog to add to your family you may want to consider a teacup Pomeranian.  If you are looking for a little fur ball a Pomeranian is the perfect choice for you and your family.  The first thing that you will notice as you are looking at Pomeranians is their adorable furry faces.  They do look like a fur ball.

As you are choosing your new family member you will want to remember all the important things that come with owning a dog.  The most important thing that a dog wants is to have the love of their family.  They will return that love to their family.

Teacup Pomeranian

A teacup Pomeranian has been called many different names:  micro teacup Pomeranians, toy Pomeranians, miniature Pomeranians, teacup poms and mini Pomeranians.  Pomeranians names were originated from the central region of the continent which is called Pomerania.  Pomeranians grew in popularity and their recognition increased in the 1600s.  This was due to different royal families added this particular breed to their families.  Queen Victoria, in the 1800s, had a Pomeranian which was smaller than a normal Pomeranian.

Weight and Body Teacup Pomeranian

It’s not until 1950 you never see any mention of a weight on the Pomeranians.  Pomeranians will reach 3-7 pounds in weight.  The females are a little bigger than the males.  Their height should be 8-11 inches.

You will find that a Pomeranian should have a fox like expression.  Their eyes are usually dark and perky and their ears are alert. Pomeranian noses are usually black or you could find some that are chocolate, blue, or beaver.

Their neck needs to be long and sturdy so that they are able to carry their head upright and proud.  Their back should be straight and even.  They should also have a strong tail and have a heavy fluff which rises high above the back.

Personalities and Temperaments

Pomeranians have been given the misconception of being a yappy, tiny dog with tons of fur which seems to be shooting out from all over their body.  They are very keen when there is a stranger approaching.  This keen sense about them helps them to become excellent watch dogs.  They do require early socialization.cute Teacup Pomeranian

You may find that some of the Pomeranians can be bossy and could even try to chase a strange dog.  They don’t care about the size of the other dog.  But, they do well with other pets in the home.  They are very bright and will look straight at you with a cocked head as you are talking to them.

If they are not trained properly then could become possessive of their food and their toys.  They could become resentful of children if the focus is taken away from the.  Some people will say they require a lot of attention.

Pomeranians are very playful and active dogs.  They have proven to be excellent companion dogs, as well.  They love to just spend the time lying on your lap or even sleeping beside you on the couch.  Some, you may find, can suffer from separation anxiety if they tend to be left along for long periods of time.  They are very easy to train, friendly, protective, loyal, loving, and intelligent to give you just a few of their qualities.

How to Groom A Pomeranian

They do have a double thick coat which means that their coats require some extra attention.  Their coats will require the extra attention of daily care.  They will also require regular grooming.  This will help to keep their coats, soft, fluffy, shiny, and tangle free.  Different skin problems could occur if they are not brushed and cleaned regularly.  Their coats could even become matted and tangled.  This will make it more difficult to groom them.Teacup Pomeranian for sale

teacup pomeranian puppyIf their shedding is causing a problem then their coats may need to be trimmed twice or three times a year.  This should help with any shedding problems you may encounter.  Their ears also need to be cleaned.  This is accomplished by using an ear cleaning solution every two weeks.  This will help prevent ear mites. You will want to take your Pomeranian for walks every day.  They need to have plenty of exercise.  They can receive this by running around your house but walks are nice also.  By taking them on walks this will help in keeping their nails shorter.

A Pomeranian lifespan is longer than other breeds.  They have a life span on the average of 13-15 years.  Unfortunately they are vulnerable to health issues.  Some examples include:  diseases and skin infections; heart conditions; knee problems and eye infections; cryptorchidism; loss of teeth early; hypoglycemia; tracheal collapse; seizures; and luxating patella.

Where Can I Find Pomeranians ?

You will find Pomeranians in different colors:  brindle – any solid color, dark stripes, or allowed patterns.  Parti – white base with any allowed pattern or solid color.  Extreme piebald:  white with patches of color on tail or head.  Piebald:  white with color markings on head, tail and body.  Irish:  color on the body and head with white chest, collar and legs.

Tan points – any solid color with color pattern sharply defined underside of the tail and skirt, above the eye, lower legs and feet, muzzle, ears, throat, and fore chest.  They are more desirable when the tan is richer.

You are able to find teacup Pomeranian and pomsky puppies and adult dogs for sale all over.  You can research them on the internet or even in your local paper pomeranian  pomsky for sale.  Some of the individuals that are on the internet are even willing to ship their dogs to you if you would like.

As you are choosing your dog you need to remember that this dog will now be a part of your family.  This dog will want the love and attention that the rest of your family wants.  The dog will also become your friend and give you more love as you show it the love you have for it.

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