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Discovered by the people living in the northwestern part of Alaska, this dog breed has evolved in the north pole region. The Alaskan husky, whose origin is not yet fully known, was used as a hunter and heavy carrier when it was discovered. You can find out Alaskan husky breed informations, Alaskan husky puppy pictures, personalities, characteristics, care and lifespan in this article. If you want to have an Alaskan husky, read on to find out their personalities and needs.

Alaskan husky Characteristics

Alaska  was never in the pet category, however it is a very popular dog breed. When you see Husky with the Alaskan husky, it can be hard to figure out which one is the Alaskan or the husky. Alaska , looking wild but friendly, were first loved in England and then all over the world. who are very clever, may sometimes not do what you want from him, training is difficult. (alaskan husky vs siberian husky)

Alaska husky puppy is known as a clever dog. Although it has a large and impressive appearance, it is known for being friendly. This type of dog, which is also a good guard dog, draws attention with its quietness. Strong, independent and loving, Alaska loves to be with the husky family and always interact.

alaskan husky

Lifespan Of Alaskan Husky

They love doing their daily exercises and can be frustrated and aggressive when they don’t exercise. It is always friendly to people, but it can be difficult for you to be in the same house and area as pets. Alaska can live for a long time if the husky nutritious diet and favorable environmental conditions are created. It is known that the average life varies between 10 and 12 years with always high quality dog food and dietary nutrition. As with many other dog breeds, some hereditary diseases can be seen in the Alaska husky. Alaska husky care is important and you should have your vaccinations regularly.

In order for the Alaskan husky to live a healthy life, you need to carry out maintenance practices regularly. This type, which is generally known for its cold weather, is housed in a garden of its own. You will always have to buy your kennel so that your dog can feel safe. In addition, it will be sufficient to brush weekly due to its folded hair structure. Brushing operations are the most practical way for your dog to get rid of dead hair easily.

Alaskan husky loves children and they want to play with him. If you have a child, you can buy alaska husky for a fun time. Children should be taught how to approach and touch the Alaskan husky. In addition, it is useful to be careful not to pull your child’s ear and tail of your dog or to take the food out of the way while eating. How to take care of a Husky?

alaskan huskyAlaskan malamute vs Husky

Both breeds live in cold regions, pull sleds and look like wolf. However, there are many differences between Alaskan Malamutu and Siberian Shepherd. If you are considering adopting any of these breeds, you should consider that they need daily exercise and cannot be comfortable at high temperatures.

At first glance, you might think that these two races are the same. However, there are many differences between the Alaskan Malamutu and the Siberian Shepherd.

Alaskan Breed Dog Personalities

  • It is among the most popular dogs in the world.
  • The Alaskan husky, called giants, can reach up to 140 kilograms.
  • Although it has a wild appearance, it is an extremely friendly and human oriented species.
  • Known for its strength, this type has a good carrying property.
  • It is an ideal choice for families with children.
  • It is quite large and large compared to other dog types.
  • The average life expectancy exceeds 12 years.
  • Dog is not a suitable breed for first time owners

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