Why Brushing Your Dogs Teeth is Important


Dog Toothpaste: Brushing for Good Health ;Brushing your dogs teeth is a part of his grooming regimen. Not only will regular and meticulous dog brushing of his teeth result to a fresher breath, it will also save your dog from the development of periodontal diseases. And when overall oral health is concerned, you simply cannot ignore it.

Why Brush your Dogs Teeth?

There are two fundamental reasons why you need to brushing your dogs teeth. First is to make sure that his teeth and gums remain healthy – pink gums free from bleeding and teeth that are not only sparkling white but also strong. The second is directly related to the overall health of your dog’s oral cavity. Brushing his teeth will prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar which can harbor disease-producing microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. The fungi can emit a nasty odor from the putrefaction of their waste products leading to bad breath in your dog.

Brushing dogs teeth

The region between the teeth and gums contains small pockets of spaces where, unfortunately, food particles tend to squeeze in. When these food particles and other debris are not immediately removed, they produce a thin layer of film which coats the surface of the teeth just near the border with the gum. This layer is what protects bacteria and fungi from regular brushing. The harder the layer, the more difficult it is to remove. The only way to remove plaque and get to the microorganisms underneath is by using abrasives and other chemicals that break down the plaque.

This is where the formulated dog toothpaste come in.


Human toothpastes contain harsh abrasive chemicals that may not be adequately processed by your dog’s digestive system and his liver. He may get sick when he swallows this. Fact is dogs do not know how to gargle and spit when brushing that is why they will always swallow what you put into their mouth. And this is dangerous.


The value of brushing in the promotion of oral health and prevention of oral diseases in dogs simply cannot be overstated. By using the correct toothpaste, plaque and other buildup in the teeth and gums can be prevented.

To make sure that you will be successful in the prevention of periodontal disease and bad breath in your dog, you need to use dog toothpaste that has natural enzymes such as lactoperoxidase and glucose oxidase. These enzymes break down plaque and may help in the control of microorganisms in your dog’s oral cavity. Your dog toothpaste may also contain natural emulsifiers like tetra potassium phosphate to aid in breaking down plaque.

To make sure that your dog will enjoy dog brushing sessions, you need to choose dog toothpaste that is palatable. You can choose from a variety of flavors including chicken, lamb, beef, peanut butter, and liver among others.

As much as possible, stay away from dog toothpaste that has artificial coloring as well as artificial preservatives as ingredients. Many of these are carcinogenic. To be sure, you need to read the label carefully and research about each ingredient in the dog toothpaste and how it can affect your dog.

Caring for your dog’s oral health is the primary reason why you need to brush his teeth. Preventing oral health problems will also be of major importance.

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  1. I have brushed my baby’s teeth since we got him at 8 weeks old. He loves it The chicken flavored doggy toothpaste is his favorite.


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