Can dogs eat grapes? What happens if my dog eats a grape?

Can dogs eat grapes? What happens if my dog eats a grape?

No, dogs never can eat grapes or raisins. Why can’t dogs eat grapes? Because, poisoning with grapes can be fatal for the dog, depending on the amount consumed. This also applies if it is dealt with immediately. A range of 10-30 g / kg body mass is generally given as the toxic dose. Overall, raisins have a significantly higher toxic potential, as the toxin is contained here in a more concentrated form.

However, the tolerance value differs from animal to animal and cannot be precisely defined because the exact trigger for the symptoms of poisoning is not known. In addition, there are always dogs that show symptoms of poisoning even from very small quantities. For this reason, dog owners shouldn’t feed grapes even in small quantities.

Can dogs eat grapes

Can dogs eat grapes

Can dogs eat green grapes?

Dogs wonder what we eat and may want to eat anything but; Although we know that some foods are very healthy for us, we cannot give them. Dogs should not eat sugary foods, so most of the fruit is unfavorable to them. It is one of the unfavorable fruits in grapes.

  • Dogs are never allowed to eat grapes. This applies to all varieties and types, regardless of whether they are green, red, white, blue, dried or seedless.
  • Consumption leads to unpleasant symptoms and, in the worst case, even death.
  • Keep the fruit out of your favorite’s reach.

Symptoms of grape poisoning

  1. First signs: vomiting, salivation, lethargy, loss of appetite, diarrhea, abdominal pain, oliguria (decreased urine production), tremors
  2. Course without treatment: hypercalcaemia, damage to the kidney system up to acute kidney failure and thus up to death
  3. Both fresh grapes and raisins can cause serious health problems in dogs. The first visible symptoms in a poisoned dog are vomiting, excessive salivation, lethargy, tremors, and weakness. The blood count shows hypercalcemia, i. H. an increased blood calcium level, as well as increased kidney parameters.
  4. In the worst case, acute kidney failure occurs within 24 – 72 hours, which if left untreated, can be fatal. The reasons for this are not yet known to medicine. However, it is assumed, among other things, that the hypercalcemia that occurs in many dogs is responsible for possible subsequent kidney failure.

Raisins even more dangerous than grapes?

Raisins are the dried fruits of the grape. Since they contain the toxic substance in concentrated form, 2.6 g of raisins per kg of body weight are classified as toxic.

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  • See a veterinarian immediately
  • The vet will induce vomiting
  • Possibly. Infusion and intensive medical care
  • Monitoring of kidney function, dialysis if necessary

If a dog is known to have eaten grapes or raisins, a veterinarian should be consulted immediately. This also applies to cases in which there are initially no visible symptoms, as the mode of action and the exact toxic dose are not yet known. With early treatment, there is a possibility of inducing vomiting in the dog and thus removing the grapes or raisins from the gastrointestinal tract. However, this is only possible if you can see a veterinarian within 1-2 hours and the dog is not yet showing any serious symptoms.

The administration of activated charcoal is also recommended. However, this should not be done without consultation with the veterinarian. If the dog already shows changes in its blood count, it needs intensive medical care in addition to an infusion to prevent kidney failure. Kidney function must be checked for several days after treatment.

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