How to give bath to a puppy? An expert guide for you!

How to give bath to a puppy? An expert guide for you!

Dogs don’t like bathing, but; especially pet dogs may need to be washed. If your dog is more of a small puppy, the bath may feel hard to you. Don’t worry, I’m here for you! Come on, let’s learn “how to give bath to a puppy” by going deep into the article.

They foolishly explore the world with their paws and noses. The fact that the baby dog ​​gets dirty while rolling in carrion or wallowing in feces is part of growing up, just like retrieving. Sometimes there is simply no alternative: the puppy has to be bathed.

Especially for inexperienced dog owners, the first puppy bath is a real challenge. After all, the dog’s first encounter with the bathtub should be a positive experience. We answer the most important questions about bathing puppies. And tell you how to use yours in our instructions Puppy successfully bathes for the first time. Your vet will give you all the information about how often and how to wash your dog.

How to give bath to a puppy

How to give bath to a puppy

When can you give a puppy its first bath?

Puppies in particular should only be bathed after three months in order to maintain the protective function of the skin, dog experts say. Even later, it is better to brush rather than bathe. Smaller soiling can often also be brushed out. Dog fur is self-cleaning.

How do you give a puppy its first bath?

Every new experience is frightening for a puppy – including the first full bath. The water is cold and wet, the shower head makes unknown, unnatural noises. So that the dog does not flee in the future as soon as the tap is running. A few pointers should be observed when bathing the puppy.

Tip 1: dry exercises

Drying exercises can be carried out before the puppy’s first proper bath. Your dog should first get to know the bathtub or shower tray when it is dry. Rewards him for standing still in the tub and not attempting to break out.

Tip 2: Non-slip bath mat for  dogs

A non-slip bath mat prevents the dog washing system from becoming a sled and the four-legged friend is still bumped or injured (you can find beautiful and practical anti-slip mats in the bath accessories from petshops, for example).

Instructions for bathing the puppy

Step 1: First comb the felt and nodules from the fur of your cuddly friend. Cut out heavy mattings like those often found behind the ears, under the armpits or in the groin area (where the fur rubs against each other).

Step 2: Let the water run next to the small fur nose so that it can familiarize yourself with the water jet, sniff or lick it. Wet it slowly starting with the paws and praise it again and again. The water should be at body temperature. If it is very warm outside, there is also the possibility to bathe the puppy outdoors in a tub or a baby bath. But it has to be really hot outside, otherwise cold water from the garden hose can quickly overcool puppies.

Step 3: Start with lathering on the trunk and make sure that no foam gets into the dog’s eyes. Then rinse thoroughly. After showering, the dog is carefully rubbed dry with a towel and only then lifted out of the tub.

Step 4: After a hair dryer, you should not reach for the first puppy bath (risk of overexcitation). It is better to prepare a cozy place for the puppy in its basket by the heater (in winter) or in the sun (in summer), where it can dry and retreat.

Which dog shampoo for puppies?

Human hair shampoo and baby shampoo are not suitable for dogs. The dog hair product should be tailored to the hair type of the four-legged friend. Special dog shampoos also often have useful additives such as tick or insect protection, are odor-neutralizing or regulate severe hair loss. When shopping for dog shampoo, care should be taken to ensure that it is a mild, pH-neutral, moisturizing shampoo so as not to dry out the skin of your four-legged friend.

Water march! Animal bathtubs

Dog baths are practical helpers for the dog bubble bath. For private use there are mobile, fixed, foldable or foldable plastic blocks (professional dog baths are usually made of stainless steel) in different sizes with reduced space on the sides for less risk of slipping, in which the four-legged friend can stand upright. Dog tubs or dog pools have the advantage that – regardless of whether they are grooming (complete shaving or eye and ear clearing) or the shower bath. They collect the dirt where it belongs.

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