Can dogs eat strawberries? And How many?

Can dogs eat strawberries? And How many?

Fruits and vegetables provide a dog with healthy vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The fibers it contains are essential for cleaning the digestive tract. But, can dogs eat strawberries? Find out here whether strawberries are one of them.

Can my dog eat strawberries?

Vitamins, fiber, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants: strawberries contain many valuable ingredients and are low in calories. The red power fruits are considered a real superfood and taste extremely tasty on top of that. So it stands to reason that the dog also benefits from the healthy berries. But can dogs eat strawberries or can my dog eat strawberries? The answer is very clear: yes! Wolves instinctively enrich their diet with wild fruit, windfalls as well as grasses and vegetables. The wild relatives of the domestic dog also ingest berries through the stomachs of their prey – usually herbivores.


Your dog can also tolerate the fruit and there is nothing at all against feeding the delicious fruit. However, the animals should only receive unsprayed organic goods or strawberries from their own garden; washed wild strawberries are also possible. When it comes to quantities, less is more. The animals tolerate a strawberry as a treat here and there. Or you can mix a little of the berry fruit into your daily ration of dog food – the fruit does not have to be boiled or mashed. This is the best way to preserve the high vitamin C content.

Strawberries are very healty for dogs but; are strawberry leaves healthy for dogs? or can dogs eat strawberries leaves? No! Dogs can’t eat strawberry leaves. Strawberry plants or leaves can be toxic to dogs.

Dogs can eat strawberries because very healthy for them

Experienced veterinarians proclaim as a rule of thumb: All raw food on the human diet can also be consumed by dogs. So you can safely feed the strawberries from your garden to your four-legged friend. In terms of quality, you should set a correspondingly high bar.

  • Dogs are allowed to eat all kinds of strawberries
  • Only feed freshly harvested, perfect fruit
  • Do not offer the animal excessive amounts of fruit
  • ideally enrich the daily feed ration with strawberries and other fruit
  • the fruits do not have to be mashed
  • Strawberries are a healthy snack for in between meals

How many Strawberries Can a dog have?

can dogs eat strawberries

can dogs eat strawberries leaves

Although dogs generally tolerate strawberries well, they should only enjoy the red delicacies in moderation. As mentioned, if your dog eats too many berries, this can cause severe diarrhea in the dog. One or two fruits as snacks in between are usually harmless even for small dogs. With larger animals it can be more.

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Mix the strawberries into the dog food

If your dog has a sensitive stomach, first test how well he can tolerate strawberries in small amounts. Another possibility is to mix the strawberries with other fruit in the daily feed ration. The digestive tract can absorb and process them better.

Fresh, unmashed strawberries for the dog

When feeding strawberries, make sure that you only use fresh, unsprayed fruit. Washed strawberries from the health food store or your own garden are best for consumption. By the way, it is not necessary to puree the berries. Simply feed the fruit to your dog whole.

Can dogs eat strawberry yogurt?

Yes, dogs can eat strawberry yogurt. Even if it is handmade, it would be better. Homemade Strawberry Yogurt Recipe; Add 5 blended strawberries into a bowl of yoghurt made at home and mix. This will be both a tasty and healthy snack for them. Yogurt should be low-fat or un-fat and you should be careful about the number of strawberries in it.

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