Can my dog eat apples? Is it safe for dogs to eat apples?

Can my dog eat apples? Is it safe for dogs to eat apples?

Healthy nutrition has become an indispensable part of our lives. We make sure to eat healthily every day. A balanced diet is already part of everyday life for many. Of course, fruit and vegetables shouldn’t be missing. The apple is particularly popular. For us humans it is extremely healthy. But does that also apply to animals? For example, can my dog eat apples? Let’s go to deep into our article for answers..

Just like us humans, the healthy apple provides animals with important nutrients and vitamins. An apple consists largely of vitamin C and vitamin K. It also contains calcium and pectins. The apple is actually indispensable for our diet. It can do a lot and is a real treat. You can eat it both with a meal and in between. The powerful apple is also suitable for dogs as a treat, which can be safely administered in addition to normal dog food. Because what we like doesn’t have to be reserved for dogs. Almost all dogs eat food in which apples have been processed. So they seem to like them too!

Can my dog eat apples?

Can my dog eat apples?

Can my dog eat apples with or without the peel?

Opinions differ on this. Humans eat it both with and without the shell. The reason to eat it without the shell is mostly because the shell is not always very beneficial for our digestion. The situation is similar with tomatoes and peppers. Nevertheless, fruit and vegetables in particular have important nutrients just under the skin that we shouldn’t miss. Dogs can pick up the bowl without hesitation. If the dog does not take the apple with the skin or only very reluctantly, it can also be put in the bowl without the skin.

What effects can apples have in dog food?

Raw apples without apple seeds can have a number of beneficial effects on your dog. Depending on the size and weight of your dog, up to an apple with or without a peel can be grated in the food or given as a snack.

Because the apple works with its ingredients like a small sponge and binds toxins from the stomach and intestines. If the dog suffers from constipation or diarrhea, an apple can be a useful addition and can be grated or mashed in the food. The crunchy apples are also ideal as a dental snack. A piece of apple after wet food can help clean teeth and gums.

Are apple seeds dangerous for dogs?

Again and again there are warnings about fruit pits. The hydrogen cyanide they contain can cause poisoning in dogs. I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

Even if the dog eats a whole apple, the amount of apple pits is so small that poisoning can be ruled out. Adult dogs would have to eat loads of apples and swallow several kilos of the kernels before the hydrocyanic acid becomes dangerous. If in doubt, ask your veterinarian for advice.

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