Choosing Toys For Your Kitten Or Cat

Choosing Toys For Your Kitten Or Cat

All kittens are born with the urge to attack things. This innate pouncing reaction sharpens her natural predatory behavior. If you make sure your kitten or cat has lots of good quality toys, he or she will learn this natural behavior early and stay mentally and physically healthy and happy .You can help keep your cat active while protecting his or her health by picking the right kitten toys. Choosing Toys For a cat is very enjoyable work.

There are some things that are too dangerous for your cat to play with. Everyone thinks of a ball of yarn, but this tempting toy along with rubber bands, strings, and twine aren’t safe. The cat could try to swallow these toys, which could end up in surgery to remove it from the intestines.

Choosing Toys For Cat

Look around each room and “cat proof” it just as if you would baby proof it for an infant. If the electrical cords are tempting you cat into stalking the “snake”, you will need to invest in cord protectors to prevent his or her chewing on the cords and severely burning the mouth or fatally electrocuting him or her.

Other common household objects, such as buttons or foil, can also be dangerous if they end up in your cat’s stomach, possibly causing a perforation or blockage. Clean up other objects, such as chemical containers, cleaning products or other toxic substances.

You will probably find that your cat wants to stalk your fingers and toes. To prevent nasty scratches and bites, buy a soft stuffed toy to use to play with him or her. You cat can “attack” without scratching you or learning to be aggressive with people.

Of course your cat enjoys chasing balls and pouncing on stuffed toys, but cats like to play with their human family the most. You can easily buy interactive toys for this type of play choices, but be careful not to leave them out after play sessions to keep him or her from loosing interest in it. Some interactive toy suggestions include a fishing pole that has a feather or ball at the end of the string. As you dangle it around, your cat will love to jump, slap, and pounce on this elusive target. You can use balls or toy mice for cat to have him or her chase it each time you roll it across the room. Make sure they are big enough that they can’t be swallowed.

Enjoyful Toys For Cats

Catnip infused toys are popular. The chemical in it causes neurological stimulation in cats, but it will vary with each cat. Some will become excited and more active, but others may begin rubbing, rolling, and stretching or licking themselves. Often, they will want to take a nap or get a snack, ending your play session.

Normal, healthy cats will want to scratch. This helps remove the outer layers of their claws and marks their territory. If your cat has not been de-clawed on his or her front paws, a scratching post is a must have to save your carpet and furniture. You will find many kinds of scratching posts, such as twine wound around a post and or carpet models. Since every cat is different, you may need to test the kitten toys before you find the best kitten toys one for your cat.

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