Early Signs That a Cat is Pregnant?


One of the most obvious early signs that a cat is pregnant is an increased appetite. Depending on the number of kittens she will have, she might gain as much as two kilograms in weight. She may also become affectionate but may become less tolerant of handling.

However, vomiting is a more atypical symptom of pregnancy. The cat should maintain her appetite, and most of her food should be downed. The most common early sign of pregnancy is an unresponsive kitty.

Early signs a cat is pregnant?

Other early signs of pregnancy include a significantly increased appetite and a swollen abdomen. It may not be immediately obvious, but a cat in heat will not come into heat for three to four weeks. If you notice your cat suddenly stopping her heat cycles, you should be suspicious of pregnancy. If your kitty isn’t displaying any of these signs, you can take her to the vet for a more thorough examination.

The following are some signs that appear between one to three weeks after mating:

1) Increased Appetite

2) Swollen Mammary Glands

3) Abdominal Enlargement

4) Nipple Discoloration

5) Nesting Behaviors

If the symptoms persist, you should consider taking your cat to a veterinarian. If your cat is in the seventh or eighth week of pregnancy, it is most likely pregnant. In fact, there is no reason to worry if you don’t get to meet your kitty for an exam. You’ll be able to detect her fetus on your own and save money on unnecessary vet visits. The most important sign of pregnancy is an increase in affectionate behavior.

Another early sign of pregnancy is a change in eating habits. A cat will gain about two to four pounds during pregnancy and eat more frequently. These changes are common for pregnant cats. In addition, a cat will seek out a quiet area to give birth to her kittens. If your kitty is territorial of other animals, she might be trying to defend her territory. If you notice any of these signs in your kitty, you should call the vet right away.

Physical changes can be another early sign of pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, your cat’s nipples will continue to grow, and she may lick itself to make it easier for the kittens to nurse. It is important to monitor your cat closely for vomiting or other signs of unwellness. The belly will also become rounded and swollen. Moreover, her appetite will increase in order to support the kittens.

Although it is difficult to detect a pregnant cat, a few other signs may indicate a potential pregnancy. Your feline may have darker nipples. Her nipples may be enlarged. She may also gain weight, but the most common sign of pregnancy is an increase in appetite. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. Your kitty’s health will be in the best hands during this time.

Caring for a cat who is pregnant or delivering kittens can be hard on the both of you, but knowing the early signs that a cat is pregnant can help. Pay attention to your kitty and try arriving home before she tends to her delivery, so that you can get her assistance if needed.

Early signs a cat is pregnant FAQ

How soon can you tell if a cat is pregnant?

The first thing you need to do is get your cat tested. A pregnancy test can cost up to $100 in most cases. You can also get your cat ultrasounded, which can reveal the size of the litter. However, these tests can be expensive, so you may want to wait until your tabby is more comfortable. X-rays are also very helpful in determining how much your cat is carrying.

How do cats act when they are pregnant?

If you’ve ever been to a cat shelter or owned a kitty before, you know that it can be a bit unnerving to see the changes that are going on. Many cats, especially females, start nesting when they’re about two weeks along. They’ll gather blankets and select a quiet spot to give birth. This is the time that they become more maternal and affectionate with other animals and humans.

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