How do you set up heating for your iguana

Iguanas aren’t capable of making their own body heat. That’s why rely on the environment to heat and cool themselves. When they’re too cold, they simply move into a warmer area. Conversely, they will go to a cooler location when they’re too hot. Improper heating will lead to improper digestion and weaken the immune system.

It’s important that your iguana’s enclosure has two distinct warm and cool areas. This allows them to regulate their body heat like they would in the wild. The warmer area should have a temperature ranging between 95 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooler area needs to be between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

How many body temperature should be iguana

You have multiple options when setting up heating for your iguana. Two of the most common options include radiant heat panels and ceramic heat emitters. Radiant heat panels are installed below the substrate. Ceramic bulbs generate heat without light. You can also use a heating pad designed for humans to provide extra heat. However, make sure you keep it on its lowest setting.

Hot rocks should not be an option for your iguana. A defective hot rock could easily kill your lizard. Since they don’t detect pain very well on their bellies, your iguana could be killed or severely burned before he realized there was something wrong.

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