Iguana Lighting – Which are the best heat lamps ?

Iguana Lighting – Which are the best heat lamps ?

In addition to needing proper humidity and heat, iguana also need special lighting. It is very important that you provide your iguana with lighting that produces UVB. You may be wondering why they need this special lighting. For Iguana, lighting is important because heat ensures their survival, and with the lamps that emit heat, both lighting and a warm environment are created.

UVB enables these lizards to synthesize vitamin D3. Without vitamin D3, they will be unable to metabolize calcium that they consume in their diet. Calcium deficiency is a serious condition that will make your iguana very susceptible to metabolic bone disease. Metabolic bone disease can easily be fatal. 

Proper lighting for iguanas is important

Now that you know why proper lighting for iguanas is important, make sure you purchase a bulb that specifically states that it produces UVB. You should have plenty of options. Since your iguana will also need heat, you can kill two birds with one stone and buy a bulb that also provides heat.


The very best lighting to provide for your iguana is natural sunlight. So, you should try to give him outside time as much as possible. Just make sure he has access to a shaded area so that he won’t overheat. Also, you shouldn’t take him outside if the ambient temperature is lower than 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best lighting for Iguana

Iguanas are up during the day and sleep at night. Like us, it’s hard for them to sleep with a bright light on. This will make them very cranky and stressed. Therefore, you should put a timer on your lights. Leave them on for 10-12 hours to simulate daytime, then turn them off at night. If you don’t use a timer, you will have to manually turn the lights off and on. Click here for an article about how to setup the heating for iguanas .

If you buy fluorescent lighting, you should know that the effectiveness of the UVB rays diminishes over distance. You want to make sure that your iguana is receiving the full benefit of the lighting. Therefore, you should setup a basking branch no more than 12 inches away from the light.

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