How to best care for a chameleon?

How to best care for a chameleon?

How to care for a chameleon? Chameleons are very interesting but their maintenance is difficult. You have to take good care of them to keep them healthy.

Chameleons are difficult to feed at home. Chameleons cannot survive much unless appropriate conditions are provided in captivity. Climate is very important to them, and cold weather can affect them.

Chameleons feed on insects, and it is not possible in the home environment to provide at least 20-30 live flies or cockroaches that are necessary for their survival.

If you cannot find or find at least 20-30 live flies a day, 7-8 medium-sized grasshoppers or 10 small live cockroaches should be fed. If this cannot be achieved, at least it is produced for fish; Dried shrimps should be given to the chameleon, but still live feed must be given. (The main reason why chameleons cannot live at home is their feeding problems). Because the chameleon can catch this amount of beetle (which is the minimum requirement), even more, in nature thanks to its long tongue. But it is very difficult to get this amount of beetle alive.

Terrarium for Chameleon Care

How to care for a chameleon

The terrarium made for a normal lizard will be small to the chameleon. And if you make the side and top edges of the terrarium from the fly wire, the chameleon may die. Because it must naturally catch the fly. Chameleon will not find live food, as flies cannot enter a cage made with a mosquito net. If you intend to make a terrarium, it will be more convenient to use a poultry wire that is not too small for Chameleon to avoid the side and top edges of it, not the mosquito net.

However, as explained earlier, chameleons cannot survive in captivity anyway, so a very large terrarium of at least 1 meter x 1 meter x 1.5 meters is required to survive. In this, there should be plants that are large enough for the animal to climb and a tree with small branches in the pot so that the chameleon, the climber, can be comfortable.

The terrarium should be at a temperature of 18-19 degrees during the day 24-25 at night. The humidity should be between 50-70%. A UVA or UVB bulb should be installed in the terrarium for heat and lighting, or a low wattage bulb (60 Watt) should be placed. Burning a white light bulb at night will affect the health of animals. So a 120 watt red bulb should be used. Terrarium should never be placed in the direct sun at noon and above 30 degrees. A small bowl of water, a canopy under which the animal can enter and take shelter, is required inside the terrarium. However, if you are not able to provide adequate care. It would not be right to detach these animals from their natural environment.

If you want to grow insects at home;

Put well or pool water in a clay pot (without chlorine) and throw small pieces of potatoes. A handful of rice and rags in it. And insects and larvae will form in the water within a week, cover the cabin with a mosquito net so that both air and insects cannot escape . We can give your chameleons from the lavras and also give small insects, cockroach puppies, spiders and grasshoppers.

You can prepare a fly trap for lizards and chameleons. You can give the bugs you catch with it to your chameleon. To do this, curl a cardboard or thick paper like a funnel and attach it with a paper clip, or stick it with a tape and place this funnel on a jar.

Place a banana piece in the jar and put it in the balcony. After a couple of days, as the banana rots, the flies will enter the jar, but it cannot be removed.

How to Clean the Terrarium?

You need to keep the terrarium clean and clean it frequently. You should clean the dead insects and feces in the terrarium. Nolvasan (Chlorhexidine diacetate) can be used to disinfect the terrarium. You can use Betadine (povodine / iodine) or Baticon to treat wounds or scratches in the animal’s body.

best care for a chameleon FAQ

Chameleons may not be a good choice for beginners. Chameleon is not easy to care for. They can die in a short time in the home environment.
Chameleons are difficult to feed at home. Chameleons cannot survive much unless appropriate conditions are provided in captivity. Climate is very important to them, and cold weather can affect them.
Chameleons are unique pets, unfortunately they are high maintenance and you need to properly care for them to keep them happy and healthy. Proper care includes setting up and maintaining an enclosure suitable for your species and meeting their basic needs.

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