Teacup Yorkie Info, Breed, Facts and Images

Teacup Yorkie Info, Breed, Facts and Images

Have you ever wondered how the teacup yorkie came into being?  Since this adorable puppy breed has been spotted by many Hollywood socialites and celebrities. They have grown in popularity and spent plenty of time in the limelight. The yorkie is a small little teacup pup that many of their owners find to be convenient to own.  In addition to being convenient in size, these dogs are very friendly and extremely social and they can be easily carried around anywhere.  When it comes to their origins, these sweet little pups hale from Yorkshire, England.  This is where their name is derived from.

Interesting Yorkie Facts:

Breeding of Yorkies first began in mid-19th century.  They were introduced to America in 1872.  The Yorkshire Terrier became officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1878.  Since that time, teacup yorkies for sale have been recognized as members of dog society in the United States. And they have adorned the bags and homes of many of Hollywood’s most popular celebrities.

The Reason the Breed was Formed Teacup Yorkie

The origin of teacup puppies has been for many different purposes.  The Yorkshire Terriers were bred originally so that they could help capture rats.  Working in towns in and around England, these small dogs were bred so that vermin and other pests could be caught and controlled during the Industrial Revolution.  When it comes to studying origins of the teacups version of the breed. There is all kinds of difference between teacup yorkies in comparison to the full size species today.  The smaller kin do retain the hunting instincts; however, their upbringing and surroundings are big influences in their personality and nature.

Characteristics of Present Day Yorkies

When it comes to the origins of the teacup puppies, the Yorkshire terrier does not need to use their instincts for hunting much for today because sanitization measures have increased greatly.  Today’s teacup yorkie breeder breeds the smaller dogs because they server more recreational and ornamental purposes for their owners.  This is why the more modern teacup version of the Yorkie was formed.  These sweet little pups usually average between three to five pounds and the full size Yorkie weighs in between six and eight pounds.  Due to their size and techniques used to create the teacup versions. Some of the dogs can be born with many health problems.  Because they have such small mouths, they sometimes suffer from coughing and infections that can really take a toll on their little bodies.

The wide popularity of the teacup yorkie will account to the way they look and to their size.  They are considered by many to be some of the cutest puppies and when it comes to teacups.   They are a really fun animal.  If you plan to purchase a teacup yorkie, then you must take into account their health needs.

teacup yorkie

Adult Teacup yorkies Size

Teacup yorkies are extremely small.  Due to their small size, they could be attacked by dogs that are bigger than they are and they won’t have much of a chance to fend the bigger breeds off.  These small pets always run the risk of becoming injured if they are dropped by children or if they get stepped on.  The results of falling when they are dropped could be very detrimental to this tiny dog.  It could cause serious injuries to the little puppies and could result in damage to their vital organs or even death.

Teacup is an terrier. Click to dig deeper about the Terrier .

These yorkie teacup puppies are healthy and fine during birth and they could develop health problems thereafter.  Owners should be prepared to spend money on constant veterinary bills. And should be aware of potential health issues and to take good care of these puppies.  With the teacup yorkie they will need extreme supervision that is extremely necessary.  These little pups are so tiny and if they were to accidently ingest anything poisonous they might not be able to recover due to their size.  These little dogs do not do well during surgery and cannot handle the effects of anesthesia.  It is very important to keep anything that could be potentially harmful or toxic out of reach of these sweet little dogs.

Veterinarian bills For a Yorkie

The Yorkie is a dog that is very expensive to own because of potentially mounting veterinarian bills.  Additionally, they are considered to be a symbol of luxury for their owners.  When you get ready to purchase a teacup yorkie, you must be sure that the puppies breeders have given them the proper care and that they do not have any health problems at the time of purchase.  You must purchase puppies from breeders that are reputable and that understand the difference in the various health issues these puppies can posses.

Most breeders only sell healthy pups because they don’t want to get a bad reputation.  Before anyone begins to breed these small dogs, they will give great care to the parents and their health issues.  Some health problems are hereditary and that is why it is so important to make sure the puppies are bred from only the healthiest parents.  Many breeders find breeding teacup yorkies to be very profitable.  These little puppies don’t come cheap and due to the amount of care that is required in their upkeep. You must have the proper budget available so that you can be a successful pet owner.

Even though you are purchasing a puppy that is free from any problems and diseases. You have a responsibility as a pet owner to make sure the puppy is provided with all the necessary vaccinations so that any problems and diseases can be prevented. Teacup yorkies need a great deal of love and care. And they will give the same dedication and love back to their owner.  These little puppies are very sweet and extremely social.

If you plan to purchase a teacup yorkie, then you must take into account their health needs. The price of this dog varies widely and can range from $ 1000 to $ 10000.
A full grown Teacup Yorkie can weigh between 2 to 4 lbs and grow to a height of 5-7 inches. Teacup Yorkies, due to their small body sizes, are extremely susceptible to health issues.
Teacup Yorkie life expectancy is just 7 to 9 years.

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