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Iguanas are native to tropical regions, so they need a relatively high humidity level. They get most of their water from the moisture in the air, so proper humidity is vital to their health. You should maintain the humidity level between 65 and 75%. It’s a good idea to invest in a quality humidity indicator. Let’s discuss some ways you can maintain a proper level in your iguana’s enclosure.

iguana humidity percent

One of the simplest ways to maintain proper humidity for iguanas is to use a spray bottle. You can use this to mist the enclosure as well as your iguana a few times each day. An expensive yet more reliable solution would be to buy an automatic misting or fogging system. One of these systems would automatically mist the enclosure a few times each day.

You can also give you iguana a shower or bath on a daily basis. This will greatly help the amount of moisture he has available. However, you need to be careful if you use the tub yourself. Iguanas can carry salmonella bacteria which can cause a serious bacterial infection in humans. Therefore, make sure you disinfect the tub after your iguana has had a bath.

high iguana humidity level

While it’s important to have a relatively high iguana humidity level, it’s also important that it’s not too high. This presents an excellent breeding ground for the growth of fungus and mildew. Not only will it grow around the enclosure, but it can also grow on the iguana itself.

Making sure there is adequate ventilation will help reduce this problem. It’s also helpful if you don’t mist the enclosure too late in the afternoon. The heating lights will help evaporate excess moisture while they’re on during the day.

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