How To Iguana Proof A House ? Iguana Proofing

How To Iguana Proof A House ? Iguana Proofing

If you’re going to let your pet iguana free-roam, it’s a good idea to iguana proof a house. He can cause a lot of damage if you don’t. Also, he can easily get hurt if you don’t remove potential hazards. Here are a few things you need to do to iguana proof a house.

  How To Iguana Proof A House 

What is the best environment for iguana, How to make the best home for them? You certainly don’t want your lizard to escape. If you have a baby, then you’ll need to barricade the bottom of the doorways. He can easily escape beneath one of the doors in the room if you don’t.

You also need to make sure that all windows are closed shut. Iguanas love to climb and will quickly escape outside through a cracked window. You should also be aware that screens aren’t enough to contain them. Their sharp claws and teeth can easily create an escape route.

Cords for iguana 

It’s best that you don’t have any electrical cords lying around the room, especially live ones. You don’t want your iguana to bite through one and get the shock of his life. Even if he doesn’t try to bite the cord, he can try to climb it. He may pull something down on top of him and get hurt.


Live plants can also pose a hazard to your reptile. Some varieties are very toxic if ingested. You’ll need to research potentially harmful species if you have any plants in your home. In addition to the plants themselves, the dirt that houses them can also cause problems. If your iggie eats too much of it, it can cause impaction.

how to Cleanliness

You’ll also need to make sure that you keep the room very tidy. This means nothing lying around on the floor that your iguana may decide to eat. Potentially hazardous items include string, cloth, and hair. Make sure the carpet is vacuumed well. You should also be aware that loose threads in the carpet can be ingested and cause impaction.


It’s never a good idea to mix these exotic pets with other pets in the home. Iguanas don’t get along very well with cats, dogs, and other common pets. If you do allow them to be around each other, you should do so only occasionally. And even then, you need to monitor them closely to ensure one doesn’t get hurt.

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