Puppy Care | Raising Your Puppy

Puppy Care | Raising Your Puppy

The prospect of getting a new puppy can be both exciting and frightening. As they present not only a great deal of fun and a rewarding relationship with a stalwart companion. But also a challenge for your patience and your entire household. All of which can be overcome with a level head and steady nerves. And with a little persistence you can train a puppy to be a happy, healthy, and well-behaved dog. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the various ways people train their puppies. As well as what you’ll need in order to properly puppy care for your animal.

Raise Your Puppy to Be a Confident

Puppy care generally dictates having a certain amount of patience. Especially when it comes to accidents inside the house,. And chewing up things that shouldn’t be chewed up. This behavior can usually be curbed with negative reinforcement, which involves scolding your puppy when you catch him in the act of doing something he shouldn’t be doing. If you get there after the carnage has taken place, then scolding him will do little good and you will simply have to find another way to stop the behavior. If he wrecks the house while you are gone.  For example, try dog proofing the room he is kept in and spraying a bitter solution or even something like curry on the things that can’t be moved, like furniture.

Proper puppy care also means that you should know how to feed your dog. Puppies tend to eat roughly two percent of their body weight every day until they are six months old, and can be fed once or twice a day. Since they eat so much, they do about an equal amount of pooping. And taking them out a few times a day, especially after they’ve eaten, is a good way to avoid accidents in the house.

The Complete Guide To Raising A Puppy

Try spending time with your puppy outside about an hour after feeding to encourage him to go outside, and if he does, reward him with praise or a food treat.

There are lots of aspects of puppy care that must be considered before trying to raise one. And many of them are specific to the breed and the personality of your particular puppy. However, having a little knowledge beforehand will help you predict the behavior of your dog. And getting to know your puppy will make this even easier.

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