Kitten Care And Welcoming A New Addition

Kitten Care And Welcoming A New Addition

Now that you have made up your mind to welcome a new kitten into your house, you need to make a checklist of the number of things that you must consider with regards to kitten care before getting it home. You may have small children in the house and it is crucial that you get a healthy pet so as to ensure the well being of your children and family. Unhealthy kittens can bring along various illnesses and allergies and you need to safeguard your health and that of your family.

In addition, a new baby kitten means buying kitten care supplies for your pet. And of course, you need to look for the right kitten that would make an ideal match for your home and also appeal to you and your family. Having a kitten that’s well liked by everyone in the family solves most of the adjustment problems that you and your pet may otherwise have to go through. With so many things to take care of, take your time to find a kitten that’s cute, energetic, and healthy.

kitte care and diseases

As said earlier, having a healthy newborn kitten is extremely important. So, make it your first priority and look for a kitten that gets a clean bill of health especially if you are adopting one from a humane shelter. If you are planning to buy a kitten from a breeder or from someone you know, you need to make sure that your potential pet is lively, curious, and playful. Its quite natural for a kitten to shy away from you, as it is yet to get accustomed to the company of humans. However, there is a marked difference between shy and sluggish and having an uninterested kitten will not be a good idea.

Kitten Care And Diseases

Kitten care starts with examining the coat of the kitten closely and look for bare patches on it. Also feel for scabs or any possible scarring so as to ensure that the kitten is free of fleas, ringworm, and other serious skin problems. Also look for feces stuck to the hind legs of the kitten, as this could be a possible indication of diarrhea.

Diarrhea among kittens may indicate serious diseases that include FIP and FIV. You must also examine the eyes of your kitten to see if they are clear. Redness in eyes can be an indication of cat flu, conjunctivitis, or feline chlamydia that is contagious and hence can be easily contracted by human beings. Next to look for is the ear of the kitten, as black or bloody scabbing inside the ear may be a clear symptom of ear mites.

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