Traveling with a Pet by Car – How to

I love my Golden Retriever, but sometimes traveling with him can be a pain. I have some suggestions that may help you when traveling with a pet by car short distances or over night trips. Local drives are simple, your hardest decision is to use a cage or not. The choice is yours, if your pet is active then I would place them in a cage, if not you should be ok. Take some snacks and water just in case you hit traffic, you always want to be prepared.

How to Traveling with a Pet bY cAR

The longer trips that take over an hour, you may want to think a few things over. If you’re moving and you have some furniture in your car or just going on a day adventure with your pet then preparation is key. First, is your pet use to the car? If not, take them on a few test runs first. Doing test drives will help you determine if you pet likes the car or not. If you see that your pet doesn’t like the car and acts up, then speak with your veterinarian about using a tranquilizer. FYI with using a tranquilizer, I would suggest giving your pet a tranquilizer two to three weeks before your trip to check the dosage and adjust it if necessary.

Traveling with a Pet

Next you need to consider using a cage. Of course if you use a tranquilizer then you should use a cage. Like I said above if your pet is active you should also consider a cage. You can purchase a cage from any pet store or online pet shop For traveling.

International  Traveling with a Pet By cAR

Now make sure you have a pet Id tag on your pet. If your pet escaped through a window or an open door having a tag would a life saver. Also bring any documentation about the pets health with you. Having a copy in your cars glove compartment is always a good idea.

Make sure you bring plenty of food, water and snacks for the trip. Stopping at least every 1 ½ hour for a bathroom break and a little bit of exercise is always healthy for both you and your pet. For long or overnight drives, make sure you chart out a few hotels and confirm that they except pets.

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