Places To Look To Getting A New Kitten

It can be a very enjoyable experience to getting a new kitten in your house. It can virtually keep you and your family busy the whole day. And your kids would be delighted to have such a wonderful companion to play with. A healthy pet is easy to find provided you look in the right places. No doubt, you would be tempted to take home the first kitten you see however you need to choose a kitten . You’re your entire family approves of. And one that is healthy and energetic. Thankfully, there are number of sources. You can check out to find a new kitten for your home.

Most of us have come across ads posted in grocery stores or newspapers that offer kittens that too for free to families who adore kittens. This is probably the easiest and the fastest way of finding good kittens. The downside of taking a kitten from this source is that it is usually a rescued litter of kittens or a cat owner whose cat unexpectedly got pregnant. And wants to give away her kittens immediately. As a result, there is no way of tracing the parents and you may not be in a position to predict the temperament of the kitten. In addition, the odds of the kitten developing health problems in future cannot be ruled out. Such kittens are yet to get their first shots. And you as the new owner would have to shell out money for the initial shots.

choose a kitten for your house

getting a new kitten

These days, most people prefer to visit the animal shelter to get a kitten. Although much of the issues discussed earlier still persist in case of these kittens. You get to enjoy some perks for taking a kitten from such shelters. If the shelter follows a practice of euthanizing animals, you would actually be doing a noble deed of saving a life. Secondly, they give shots and deworm cats at discounted prices thus saving a good deal of your money.

There would be additional discounts on spaying and neutering your pet if you take one from the shelter. If you choose to go for an older cat or kitten, it would have already completed these preliminary procedures. Besides, kittens at such shelters come with a cheaper price tag unlike pet stores and you can get a good, healthy kitten for about $100 dollars only. Even breeders sell kittens at a much higher price. So, visit a local shelter in your vicinity and choose a kitten for your house.

If you are willing to pay a high price and are not willing to take any risks as far as your pet is concerned, then you must go to a breeder. A breeder can give you a purebred kitten, with its background information, its health record. And legal papers to get the pet registered in your name. Pet stores also sell kittens but you can never be sure if they are purebred or stray kittens. Buying from a breeder would thus be a safe bet.

Make sure that carefully evaluate the pros and cons of buying from each source before you actually go ahead with the purchase of a new kitten

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2 Responses

  1. david says:

    I found a kitten last winter during a horrible ice storm, hiding under my tool shed. I adopted her and noticed that she was sneezing and had some congestion in her throat whenever she ran after something. She is one and a half now. Her vet does not seem concerned about her congestion and it does not seem to bother her. Do you think it is safe for my cat to travel by air? Are there any herbs or liquid medications that could ease her anxiety during the trip? I tried Rescue Remedy before, and it did not work at all. I am thinking of moving and any advice would be helpful.

    • petlife says:

      Many cats are chronic snufflers, often due to the feline herpes virus. I would have to trust your veterinarians opinion and if they believe she is ok, then I would have to assume she is. It would not be a bad idea to have a full exam before you travel just to be sure she’s ok for the flight. Check with your airline, as some require a health certificate from a veterinarian. I find most cats do very well while flying and most settle down quite well. And I always recommend they travel in the cabin with you. To help calm her you could use the commercial feline pheromone spray on her towel in her carrier.
      I am a big fan of Rescue Remedy. I know you said it didn’t work well for her previously but I would be sure you are using it correctly. If using the drops, I recommend 6-8 drops and you can repeat it if needed. I usually do not recommend sedatives for traveling cats as I am also concerned about side effects. My biggest concern with flying is having to take her through security so I usually recommend you use a harness and leash for that area. I also recommend traveling with a picture of her and her health records. Safe travels!

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