Cat Years To Human Years – How old is your cat ?

Cat years to human years may sound a bit surprising, but; we may need to know how old our housemate is. Old cat care and newborn cat care are very different. Let’s find out how old our cat is?

Learning about the human age of cats and dogs has been going on for years. Calculating cat years to human years seems a little complicated, but it’s actually very simple. Come on, if you have the question “How old is my cat according to human age?”

Cat Years To Human Years

Just like dogs, when calculating the age of cats, it is assumed that human age is calculated by multiplying its age by 7. However, this is not a healthy calculation method. Because our cat friends grow rapidly in the first 2 years of their lives.

With a rough calculation, the first 12 months of a cat are equal to the age of 10-14 people. When cats reach the age of 2, they are on average 25 years old, according to the age of the human. After two years of age, the growth of cats slows down and after this age it is equal to 4-5 human years each year.

cat years to human years

Cat Years     Human Years

1                  10-15

2                  24

3                  28

4                  32

5                  36

6                  40

7                  44

8                  48

9                  52

10                56

Kittens (first 6 months) become 10 human years when they complete the 6-month period.

Adolescent cats (6 months to 2 years old) begin to mature on issues of behavior and sexuality of cats at this stage.

Adult cats (3 to 6 years old) Cats that reach the age of 3 are considered mature. This process continues until the age of 6.

Older cats (ages 7 and over) From the age of 7, cats can live more than 100 years.

If you don’t have a cat friend yet, you can read this article.

If a cat’s age is not exactly known, some physical indicators suggest an idea of how old the cat is. The age-determining features of the cat are its teeth, muscle and skin structure, skin, and eyes.

Teeth are the greatest indicator of age, as in dogs, for cats. With cats shedding their first teeth within two to four weeks, the formation of their permanent teeth involves a period of 4 months. During this period, if a cat has permanent white teeth and the gap between them is tight, it is highly likely that this cat is around the age of 1 year. Generally, the appearance of tartar formation at the age of 3 is a clue in determining the age of cats, as the yellowing of the teeth is seen between 1 and 2 years old. If there is missing teeth in the mouth, the cat’s age is estimated to be ahead. Brushing your teeth with toothbrushes and toothpaste, which are produced exclusively for cats, is important for keeping your teeth intact.

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