Benefits Of Choosing Older Cats Over Kittens

Benefits Of Choosing Older Cats Over Kittens

For most people, choosing a cat as a pet is synonymous with getting a playful kitten at home!! No doubt, it’s fun to watch a cute, playful kitten run around the house. Many prefer kittens to older cats especially if they have small kids in the house. Kittens are more daring and energetic and love chasing kids all over the place. However, what most people don’t know is that older cats can be as playful and friendly as their younger counterparts once they get used to the people around them. Even at a ripe age of 12 years, felines can make great companions and you would enjoy having them around. In fact, there are several benefits of choosing older cats over kittens and once you adopt an older cat you will never regret your decision

Choosing a cat or kitten?

Imagine getting a small, cute kitten in the house for your kid to play with. The chances are that the kitten may grow into a rather unattractive cat. On the other hand, when you adopt an older cat you know exactly how she looks since it has fully grown and you can thus get a cat that appeals to all of you.
The next advantage of getting an older cat is that you don’t have to take the trouble of training them. And teaching them how to use the litter box. Being fully trained, they know do not dirty your house and use the litter box or the garden area for their toilet.

Benefits Of Choosing Older Cats Over Kittens

With a kitten in the house, you need to take care of your furniture well and see to it that you protect your plush leather sofas from the deadly claws of your kitten. An older cat however will not scratch your furniture and use only the place allotted to it. Having passed their hyperactive phase in life, older cats are much calmer and thus less destructive as compared to kittens.

Adopting an older cat takes away the pain of grooming a kitten, as the whole ordeal is extremely painful. And requires loads of patience and time. To ensure that they grow into well-adjusted adults. You may have to take them to a professional trainer especially if the kitten is stubborn. Older cats are more experienced and unlike kittens, would be easier to manage. And Older cats usually spend nearly half of their waking hours grooming themselves, cleaning their own coats and thus ensuring that their fur is clean and shiny.

the abilities of older cats

Older cats are usually spayed or neutered and you can thus be guaranteed of your cat’s health and well being. This would also mean saving your time, money and energy in getting the procedure done.

Most people underestimate the abilities of older cats thinking they are worn out. Most cats end up in animal shelters simply because they have outlived their owners or when their owners are forced to disown them due to some allergies. It is not fair to leave such cats to fend for themselves. As they are usually unable to cope with change and need someone to take care of them. Ending up in a shelter after spending years with their loving masters can be a frightful experience for them. The decision to adopting these purring beauties can thus bring joy in your lives. And also provide them safe and secure surroundings to live in.

Sometimes a new friend comes home and the old friend doesn't want to accept him. Older cats can attack kittens. This is because ; it may be that the owner is too interested in the kitten. Newly arrived kittens can also attack older cats. For this, your behavior is very important.
Cats don't get along easily with each other, but older cats tend to accept smaller cats more quickly. Two adult cats often fight.
Cats are jealous animals and may not want to share their owners.

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