Chicken Pets – Rewarding Activity For The Young And Old Alike

Chicken Pets – Rewarding Activity For The Young And Old Alike

Few people realize how fun it can be to raise chicken pets. Many folks think of chickens as simple, dumb barnyard animals. But they can be intelligent, entertaining, even affectionate pets. And they are fairly easy to raise.

Of course anyone interested in chicken pets will want to start with chicks. Everyone likes baby chickens. They are cute and funny, and it is pleasant to hold and stroke their soft down. By starting with baby chicks, the new owner learns how to handle the new pets while the new pets learn what it means to be a member of a human family.

Chickens are easily trained with food rewards and praise. Many will enjoy being petted while you hand feed them. Hand-raising them from chicks could even result in chickens that are comfortable nestling in their owners’laps.

The chickens about  things to pay attention

Chickens are outdoor animals, except for the time they spend in their coops. They love to scratch in the dirt, so new owners should make sure they have adequate space in their fenced backyards. This should be a safe place where predators cannot reach the chicken pets. Predators include hawks, cats, raccoons, even large rats.For example;The chickens about  things to pay attention.

Of course the neighbor’s dog might like a little chicken dinner now and then, too, so care must be taken to secure the chickens’ environment.

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A chicken coop is necessary to provide the chicken pets with a place to sleep and nest, as well as to flee to in case danger approaches. This is usually a simple wooden structure with a small door for the chickens and a larger one for the owner. It should be dark inside so that the chickens will get the rest they need. When treated well and fed properly, pet chickens will reward their owners with plenty of fresh eggs for the kitchen.

Chicken pets must be vaccinated for a couple of diseases, and they should be tested for salmonella. It is important to find a local veterinarian who is experienced in dealing with chickens. Especially in city environments, many vets are mainly mammal doctors.

Chicken feeding is easy

Feeding chickens is a fairly easy task. Providing them with daily corn or pellets and a powdered mash is adequate. Along with fresh water all day, they will appreciate the occasional insect, which they will scratch out of the yard on their own. In fact, they are excellent at keeping pests out of the garden. Chicken pets might appreciate an occasional treat of table scraps as well.

Raising chicken pets can be a rewarding activity for young and old alike. Chickens have personalities that make them entertaining to watch and with which to interact. If treated well by their owners, they will recognize people as the top of their pecking order.

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