Dog Aggression Training

Having problems with your dog’s behavior? Any behavior in dogs shown with the intent to cause harm like growling, barking and biting is a sign of canine aggression. There are also some canine behaviors that are less perceived as signs of aggression because they don’t appear threatening like blocking paths and lunging at people.

There are different reasons why dogs become aggressive like fear, dominance, territorial aggression, etc. When dogs feel threatened or when they think that their territory is being intruded upon, they become aggressive. Before starting on a dog aggression training for your pet, it is important to determine the real cause of this behavior. For proper diagnosis, you may consult a professional dog trainer or a vet.

Stopping aggression in dogs doesn’t follow a definite path because the problem must be tackled according to what causes it and how severe it has become. In case your dog’s aggressive behavior become unmanageable, prioritize your and your family’s safety first.

dog aggression training

How can you nip your dog’s behavior problems in the bud?


rogram in accordance to the extent and type of your pet’s aggression. You must keep in mind that this behavioral modification program should be implemented patiently, gradually and consistently over time.

Patience and understanding are tools you must have as your dog’s trainer. Do not expect too much from your pet and try to understand why he is behaving that way. Lessen your dog’s territorial and fear aggression by allowing him to socialize a bit.

Never physically punish your dog for every aggressive behavior he shows. Inflicting pain will aggravate the problem and will make your dog even more aggressive. Know the reason why your dog barks, growls or snaps. It may not be because he simply wants to do so but could be because he is provoked or feeling some discomfort.

Keep in mind that a dog is not born aggressive, some instances, experiences or situations in his life made him that way. It is your responsibility as an owner to protect your dog and other people by seeking assistance. Dog aggression training comes in many forms and depending on the urgency of help needed it can be quite effective in turning your dog into a model pet.

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