How to Handle Dog Barking – For Stop Methods

How to Handle Dog Barking – For Stop Methods

Excessive barking can become a real issue for pet owners. I had a dog once that barked at anything and everything. When I let her play in the backyard, she would run up and down he back and bark at the grass, the shed, the fence and so on and so on. Dogs bark to communicate with us and with other dogs. Unfortunately, when dogs bark too much, it may disrupt your sleep or bother the neighbors.  Some dog breeds bark more than others. It also depends on how long you can withstand noise. To handle your dog barking, you can follow these recommendations:

How to get your dog to handle barking

handle to barking

1.Find a way to stop your dog when he barks too much. This can be a glance, a specific voice (eg “no”) or a physical contact (gently touch). Once your dog has understood the cessation of barking, everything will be much easier for you.Note, however, that it can only stop for a few minutes and then continue to “sing”. This is because his brain is still perceiving things incorrectly. Don’t give up after the first try. And remember, it takes patience and repetition many times for pets to gain a habit.

2.Remember that you are the leader of the team. If the dog is barking at a particular object, situation or person, approach him to show who is the leader. Show that you own the object. So the animal will realize that he has nothing to worry about. Use your body and manners to build an invisible wall that your pet can’t cross. You’ll be amazed by the effect this has on your pet.

3. If you can’t afford a trainer, you can try to training your dog yourself. One conditioning program that’s effective is called desensitization/counter-conditioning program. This means that through very slow, controlled exposure you teach your dog to associate each of the stimuli that triggers her barking with something good (usually food). This will eventually teach her to look to you for a treat rather than bark at the stimulus. Many people are probably reading this wondering “does this mean you always have to have food on you?

The answer to that is “yes, for a while.” You can eventually wean the food to an extent. However, if you were to use a bark collar you would always have to use a bark collar. So either way, you are always going to have to have something. To learn how to do a desensitization/classical conditioning program you could either buy a book or hire a professional trainer to walk you through it.

4. A third suggestion would be to hire a trainer. Trainers can help in ways that you can’t imagine. Keep in mind that trainers can become expensive, but again they are effective.

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