What to Expect from your Pomsky Puppy

What to Expect from your Pomsky Puppy

You’re likely reading this because one of the hundreds of images you’ve found online have all but convinced you that Pomskies might be the cutest dogs you will ever see. For example ; How Big Do Pomskies Get ? Pomskies are very friendly, and if we take good care of them, they get big  quickly. But with all breeds (and this non-breed) you want to be sure you know what to expect. Here are a few things to consider:

How Big Do Pomsky Get?

This is perhaps one of the more popular questions you hear anyone interested in owning a Pomsky ask. Since specialty breeders are still perfecting the process of turning the Pomsky into a real breed. There will be a huge variety in available sizes. How much do Pomsky dogs weigh?  Adult Pomskies can range anywhere between 15 to 25 pounds. But breeders are gradually getting Pomskies down to about 10 pounds, which is the intended goal for breeders.

How Big Do Pomskies Get ? The actual size of a Pomsky when it is fully grown really depends on the size and genetics of its parents. A general rule is that fully grown Pomsky will likely be about half of the total weight of its parents. This being said, all you have to do is add the weight of the two parents and divide by half to get a fair idea of how large your Pomsky will get.

What Will My Pomsky Look Like?

Most dog lovers are searching for Pomskies that are small like Pomeranians but have the colors of Huskies. Their coats are usually soft, silky and long and will consist of a mix of colors which include white, black and grey. While husky colorings are preferred, you may also find Pomskies in what are usually Pomerian colors including red, black, grey, brown, etc. Eye color can be brown, green, amber, hazel and also have the typically ideal husky light blue. Some Pomskies even have bi-eyed colors. Pomskies are often described as having narrow, fox-like faces with pert ears. But these features depend largely on the parents’ features as well. For instance, both huskies and Pomeranians usually have erect ears, so you could expect a pomsky to have erect ears.

How Much Will my Pomsky Shed?

You should probably know beforehand that Pomskies shed a lot of hair. Most will shed twice a year in periods lasting as much as 90 days. Their soft and silky coat, which most closely resembles that of a husky’s, also needs to be cared for and ideally brushed at least once a day and twice a day during shedding periods.

What Can I Expect from A Pomsky?

Because Pomsky is still a relatively new breed that is basically a mix between a Husky and Pomeranian it’s probably a great idea to learn a little about each of these breeds to get some understanding of what to expect from a Pomsky. As Huskies are naturally gentle and playful, so too will see Pomskies with these traits. Pomskies also develop personalities that demonstrate their quiet, curious and loving natures. They’re always keen to learn and will look forward to playing with adults, children as well as other small dogs.

Pomskies are also diggers. Energetic ones. So if you have a garden you cherish you may want to watch your Pomsky any time it’s let out, or invest in training your dog not to dig. In general, you want to keep your Pomsky well-exercised, since this will also help prevent them from  developing problematic behaviors. Usually, a couple of walks per day is fine, but for extra energetic ones be sure to set time aside for some extra vigorous playtime or running around to help them use up that pent up energy.

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