5 the best information Before buying a goldfish

5 the best information Before buying a goldfish

Feeding the goldfish is as enjoyable as it is a pleasure. To help people who haven’t fed more gold fish before they buy gold fish; We’ll give you 5 important goldfish feeding information. Before choosing a goldfish as a pet consider the following:

Goldfish cannot be handled

As cute and pretty as your goldfish can be, you must not handle them. They have a slimy coating that protects them from bacteria, toxins and harmful substances — and if you touch them you will probably risk damaging it, and this can be life threatening to the fish. It is vital that you try your best not to do this — even a gentle brush may cause an upset to the slimy layer. Other conditions can affect their protective coat too, such as changes in the water temperature or a difference in chemicals. So however much you love your goldfish – you must not touch them.

Goldfish need their sleep!

Much like humans goldfish need their sleep! You will need to have a regular schedule so that the aquarium has a certain amount of light each day. Fish don’t have eyelids so they can’t shut off the light, but they need to rest so a good amount of time with the lights out will help them have a good nights sleep. You may find that you turn your lights off when you go to bed — so this would be the perfect time for your fish to rest too.

Goldfish require very specific living conditions!

You must maintain a steady water temperature in your goldfish’s aquarium. Their health can be compromised if the temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius, so ideally you need to keep your water temperature between 20-24 degrees Celsius. If the temperature in your house considerably drops on a day to day basis it might be worth installing a heater into your tank.

Goldfish feeding

Be sure not to overfeed your goldfish as they will eat almost anything and don’t know when to stop! Keep a regular feeding pattern of twice a day and this should make sure they’re given enough food. You’ll need to make sure you are going to be around to feed them. They’ll eat anything from goldfish flakes and granules to fresh fruit and vegetables, so as long as you can give them a bit of variety, this should ensure they have a healthy diet and are able to thrive.

Goldfish need plenty of space

Your goldfish will need a good amount of space to move about, swim and play in their tank. This will keep them happy and will give them a chance to behave as they normally would. Without ample space, they won’t be able to thrive.

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