Husky lifespan – How long do huskies live?

Husky lifespan – How long do huskies live?

The Siberian Husky lifespan on average 12-14 years. Unfortunately there is no guarantee for this period of time, but as the owner you can do a lot to make the time on earth pleasant and beautiful for the four-legged friend and to positively influence his life expectancy.

Nevertheless, the time spent with the pet will always be too short, even if the husky reaches the specified 14 years or even lives a little longer.

Enjoy this wonderful partnership between dog and human and make the most of the time given to you!

How to increase your Husky life expectancy?

1.Breeder choice for a long husky life

Not every husky is approved for breeding. Unwanted behavior or genetic defects are exclusion criteria because they do not improve breeding and can lead to sick or behaviorally disturbed offspring.

Only healthy parents that have been tested for important Husky breed-specific inherited diseases are mated. The litter will be healthy and you will receive a puppy with the best possible conditions for a long and happy dog life.


2. Healthy eating = longer husky lifespan

BARFs for huskies

Some husky owners swear by the BARF as the perfect diet.In specialist shops you will find many suitable types of food for every phase of the husky’s life. From puppies to senior, there are special mixtures that are perfectly tailored to the needs.

The price of the feed does not always say anything about its quality. Pay attention to the ingredients and do not buy husky feed that mainly consists of so-called fillers, such as grain and corn. Meat, however, should always come first and be the main ingredient in dog food.

3. Movement and mental load are not only good for us humans

The Siberian Husky was a farm animal and intelligent working dog for many years. This one urgently needs, and more than other dog breeds, exercise and employment. The workload can hardly be mastered by walks alone, every husky owner should be aware of this. The dog’s passion for racing should be lived out! Go jogging with the husky, let him run alongside the bike, or try a dog dog sport.

However, don’t forget the husky’s mental load. A solid basic obedience is an important part of his training, because the breed is often said to be very independent and occasionally stubborn. Training is particularly important.

4.Security at home and travel

  • Sort out toxic substances, medicines, cleaning agents and plants!
  • No matter whether in the household, kennel or on the go: you are responsible for the safety and well-being of your four-legged friend. It is therefore important to defuse sources of danger and to minimize the risk of injury.
  • Secure power cables and sockets
  • Always keep the trash can well closed
  • Make balconies dog-safe (risk of falling)
  • Fencing the kennel and garden so high that the dog can never jump over the fence
  • The kennel should be weatherproof, have a warm place to sleep and be of a suitable size
  • Secure the dog in the car with a 2-point dog harness in the back seat or place it in a transport box in the trunk
  • The husky should be on a leash in traffic and unknown terrain
  • On command, the dog should let go of supposed treats (poison bait)
Husky lifespan

The Siberian Husky lifespan on average 12-14 years. Unfortunately there is no guarantee for this period of tim

5.Nursing and daily health checks

The husky needs regular care of its fur (especially when changing fur) and, if necessary, eyes, ears, anus and paws should also be cleaned.

If you want to contribute to the health of your dog and very long husky lifespan, you also pay attention to behavior changes and possible signs of illness in your husky:

  • Injuries / cuts / sores
  • Bald spots in the fur / scaly skin
  • Discharge or crusting of the eyes, nose, ears
  • Parasites (worms, ticks, fleas, etc.)
  • Foreign bodies in the mouth or in the paws
  • Inflammation and redness
  • tartar
  • Loss of appetite / fatigue / aggression etc.
  • Nodules under the skin / swollen teats

If you discover any abnormalities, a visit to the veterinary practice is advisable for checking.

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