What should be the best setup for iguana


If you want your iguana to be as happy and healthy as possible, then you’ll need to provide him with proper living conditions. There are a few things you need to know when setup an iguana habitat. Here are some of the most important things. For Iguana, a healthy setup is important as a life in their natural habitats. There are basics that are important for iguanas, and these things are here.

Housing Size For Iguana 

One of the most important things to consider when setup your iguana’s housing is size. Baby igs can exist fine in a regular aquarium. However, these lizards grow very big, so you’ll have to upgrade the aquarium as it grows.

A healthy adult can grow up to six feet and will need an enclosure that’s at least six feet long, three feet wide, and six feet high. Sometimes it can be pretty hard finding cages large enough in stores that are relatively affordable, so most owners end up custom building one or having it done for them.

Best Iguana Substrate

It’s also important to think about the substrate when setting up an iguana habitat. Suitable materials include carpet, paper towels, and newspaper. Make sure the newspaper has non-toxic ink though.

You should avoid using loose materials such as dirt and sand. Sand and dirt can easily be ingested since iguanas frequently flick their tongues. The ingested materials can lead to a blockage in the digestive tract.


Iguanas live in trees in the wild. They love to climb. Therefore, it’s important that you provide your ig with plenty of branches and perches to climb around on. The perches and branches can also be used for basking. Just make sure that everything is sturdy enough to support the weight of your iguana. This can become a problem as they grow larger.

Heating is very important for iguana 

Since they’re tropical creatures, you’ll need to provide plenty of heat for your iguana. You should setup a basking area with a temperature between 90 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit for your iguana . The temperature in the rest of the enclosure should be upwards of 80 degrees. Make sure that you have multiple thermometers and humidity gauges setup.

Food for iguana 

It should go without saying, but make sure you provide food and water dishes in the iguana habitat. It’s important that these dishes are shallow enough for easy use. For your sake, it’s best that they can be cleaned easily too.

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