Obedience Training For Dogs – Is obedience training good for a dog?

Obedience Training For Dogs – Is obedience training good for a dog?

When you’re looking for information about obedience training for dogs, you will need to clarify exactly what you mean. Some people use the term “obedience training” to describe how to train a dog to be a good family member.

What Are The Basics?

They want their dogs to know how to sit, stay and not jump on people. If they can get their dogs to that level of accomplishment with the dog training basics, they will be happy.

But there is also a more formal meaning that includes training dogs to perform specific tasks for obedience competitions. Not only do the dogs need to be trained in more tasks, but the trainers need to know more, too.

And these trainers usually commit more time and money to obedience training for dogs than casual pet owners do. Here is an overview of how these two approaches are the same and where they are different.

How do I teach my dog obedience?

When you’re training a pet for family life, you want him to be safe and you want your family members to be safe around him. That means he needs to learn how to stay when you tell him to, so he won’t run into the street. He needs to know not to bite the children in the same way that he would bite other puppies when they are playing together.

He needs to learn not to bark when he sees someone on the sidewalk in front of the house (unless you want him to scare off an intruder). And he needs to know not to jump on granny and knock her down when he greets her at the door.

When training your dog for obedience competitions, she will still learn all of the behaviors of family life that were just mentioned. Your dog will still learn to stay, not bite, not bark and not jump. But this level of training will be just a foundation for carrying out more complex tasks. And the way your dog performs the commands you give her will be much more important.

Not only must she stay when you tell her to, but she must sit in a perfectly aligned position while she stays. In more advanced dog training classes, she will also learn to pick up objects when you tell her to, as well as distinguish between which objects you have touched and which ones you haven’t touched.

There is no doubt that basic obedience training for dogs is essential for having a happy and healthy pet. Dogs need to be able to successfully fit into their family’s lifestyle so that they everyone can enjoy the relationship, and you can choose the level of involvement that fits best with your goals and interests.

If you find that both you and your dog enjoy your training sessions and you want to spend more time together, take the next step to learn about competition obedience training. But at the bare minimum, make sure that you take the time to learn and apply the dog training basics that will keep your dog and family happy and safe.

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