Safe Your Dog From Autumn And Keep Healthy

Safe Your Dog From Autumn And Keep Healthy

Your dog probably loves autumn as much as you do. With all the new sights to see and smell, autumn is a delight for your furry dog’s senses. However, the season brings several unique challenges with it when comes to keeping your dog healthy and safe from autumn.

In the days when we leave behind the hot summer months, with the return of the season to autumn, many natural cycles, especially the air temperature, are changing. Those who pay attention to the following basics can have an autumn dog. Here are six things to keep an eye out for this fall:

Basics For Autumn dog

We should not forget that if we encounter any signs of illness or fatigue in our friend, we should consult our Veterinarian directly.  I wish all our pet friends a healthy autumn.

  1. Beware of poisonous plants. Mushrooms often grow in the autumn , and although most of them cause no ill effects in dogs, a few of them are poisonous.  Keep your dog away from places where you see mushrooms growing, and contact your vet right away if you catch your dog eating a mushroom or other unidentified plant.
  2.  Keep your pup safe in the dark. As the days grow shorter, you may want to invest in a light to attach to your   dog’s collar or a reflective collar.  This is an especially good idea if your dog is outside in the dark, even with  you around.
  3. Make sure your dog is warm enough. Depending on where you live and what type of puppy you have, the autumn can be chilly.  If needed, now is the time to stock up on pet sweaters, blankets, or other necessities for your canine friend.
  4. Keep school supplies out of reach. If you have young children, then you already know that autumn is the season for glue sticks and markers.  Make sure to keep these out of your dog’s reach at all times, and teach your children to do the same.  Remember, even a non-toxic substance can cause a gastrointestinal blockage.
  5. Keep chocolate out of reach too. Halloween is a blast for the whole family, and you can even involve your dog in the festivities.  But make sure he doesn’t get a hold of chocolate.  Chocolate is toxic to dogs, so make sure you keep any candy buckets far from his reach.
  6. Keep track of your dog’s weight. Don’t slack off on outdoors activities.  The days may be cooler, but you still want to keep your buddy in shape.  Keep up on your walks and visits to the dog park to keep him happy and healthy, and prevent the cold weather blues.  Who knows, he might find a pile of leaves to roll in!



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