Types Of Sporting Dogs And Breeds

Types Of Sporting Dogs And Breeds

Sporting dogs were bred to assist hunters in locating or retrieving game. They are also called “gun dogs.” They are very intelligent and can make wonderful companions. They need a lot of regular exercise, however, and a potential buyer of these types of dogs must recognize that before taking on ownership of a sporting dog.

Buying one of these dogs and then locking it in an apartment or house all day long without exercise can be a recipe to frustration and unhappiness on the part of owner and dog. They are ideal dogs for someone who wants to spend a lot of time with a playful, highly intelligent, energetic companion that is eager to be trained and interact with his owner.

Most of them are in the medium to large size range.

These dogs include setters, pointers, retrievers, and spaniels. Some popular examples of this type of dog are English Setters, Gordon Setters, Irish Setters, Vizslas, German Short-Haired Pointers, Weimeraners, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, and Springer Spaniels.


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Sporting dogs are very popular and active dog breeds. This dog breed should exercise regularly every day. There are too many sporting dogs and keep reading for some of them and their features; Here are the traits of some of the popular members of these breeds:


Cocker Spaniels weigh between 20 and 30 pounds and are alert, active, intelligent dogs. Grooming: Regular brushing will keep their silky coat tangle-free. They do not need trimming. Exercise: They need a medium amount of exercise. Although they are not large, unlike toy dogs, they were breed to be working dogs and thus are not content with being locked in a house all day long. Small children: Most cocker spaniels love children and play well with them. Aggressiveness: A well-bred, well-treated cocker spaniel will not be aggressive.


Types Of Sporting Dog Breeds

Golden Retrievers are very popular because of their gentle, affectionate, easy-to-please nature. Because of this some people buy them without realizing that Golden Retrievers also need a lot of exercise and may become hyperactive and destructive if not exercised frequently.

Grooming: Regular brushing of their thick coat will help keep it tangle free. Otherwise their fur may matt into dreadlocks, especially around the ears. Exercise: Goldens need regular exercise. They love to run and swim. Small children: Goldens are very gentle and affectionate. They are good with children. Aggressiveness: Goldens are not by nature an aggressive breed.


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English Setter dog training consists of high-level exercise stages. Exercise needs there is no problem during the training process. Moving and fast as they are. These docile dogs are very happy throughout their education. Adapt to the home environment. These dogs can stay at home much more calm, unlike the hunting environment. With other animals English Setter dogs, who are extremely good, also get along well with the children and they will be happy. British Setter dogs are always in need of love and have all their relationships they build interest on it.



The German Short-Haired Pointer, which has inherited the most important features of dogs, is a good hunting dog with its excellent sense of smell and intelligence. The German Short-haired Pointer has very strong legs and has very strong mobility. Although it is prohibited in some countries, the queues are usually cut off. The tail helps to maintain body balance. These dogs have a strong sense of direction and do not lose their ability to follow on water. Furs that protect them from cold and water are generally brown tones.


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Labrador Retriever is a strong, durable and slightly rectangular dog with short, smooth waterproof fur that can only be yellow, black and chocolate brown. It has a large head, strong nose, teeth closed with scissor bites and a prominent forehead. The eyes are cleverly expressed and may be chestnut or hazel. Medium-sized ears are drooping. The sable-like tail is strong and thinner towards the tip. It has a strong bone structure. His webbed feet make him a good swimmer.

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The non sporting dog breeds represents a wide variety of breeds and characteristics. The group is also sometimes referred to as the “utility” group of dogs and is not so easy to categorize as other groups; in fact, in different countries, different dogs may be included in this group.
Shih Tzu. Bull Mastiff. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Pug. Miniature Pinscher. Pekingese. Chihuahua. Greyhound. What dogs can't breed naturally? French bulldogs.



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