Dog Obedience Tips: 10 Things You Must Avoid When Training Your Dog

Dog Obedience Tips: 10 Things You Must Avoid When Training Your Dog

If there are things you must enforce while training your pet, there are also things you must be careful to avoid. Here are ten dog obedience tips on the don’ts of dog training. All dogs are similar to the owner, so dogs with behavioral disorders should start treatment from the owner. In order to correct the negative behavior characteristics created in the dog by the owner consciously or unconsciously, the owner’s faulty behaviors must be identified, informed about the reflections of the dog’s psychology and informed about what they should do.

In the treatment of behavioral disorders in the dog, it falls to the owner of the biggest duty, the person who will spend the most time with the dog and the dog to be the model is naturally the owner, so the person who needs to be trained is the owner. It is inevitable that an adolescent who is tried to be educated with beating and brute force during his childhood at home or school tries to train his dog in this way.

The 10 most common dog training mistakes

1. Don’t expect too much, too soon. Training your pet will take time so don’t expect her to sit, stay, and roll over on command after a few days’ session.

2. Don’t introduce corrections too soon. Correcting your pet during the early stages of your training is detrimental to her progress. A good Dog obedience tip is to issue rewards for every achievement instead.

3. Don’t give up. Again, as training your pet takes time, just be patient and don’t think your pet untrainable just because she is slow to pick up.

4. Don’t be inconsistent. Sometimes, your pet will have difficulty trying to figure out what you really want her to learn if you are inconsistent. If you don’t want your pet to eliminate in a certain spot, an effective Dog obedience tip is: be consistent in enforcing this rule.

5. Don’t reinforce bad behavior. To your pet, affection is a reward. Your pet will associate her behavior with your reward. So you have to be careful when showing affection at the wrong moment.

Dog Obedience Tips

6. Don’t fail to practice. You cannot train your dog round the clock (you also have a life!) but you will always have time to practice.

Here is a Dog obedience tip: Incorporate training in everything your dog does: she must sit before she can eat, she must stay before she can go out, and so on.

7. Don’t correct for good behavior. Remember that your pet will associate reward or punishment to the act that preceded it.

8. Don’t maintain the wrong state of mind. Your pet will mimic you as much she could. If you are anxious, so is she and if you are confident, she will be as well. A good Dog obedience tip is for you to be happy.  When training your pet for her to be happy as well.

9. Don’t forget that your dog needs exercise. Your dog’s pent up energy could lead to a behavior.  You won’t like so make sure that your pet has plenty of exercise.

10. Don’t neglect to establish your dominance as pack leader. No Dog obedience tips will be effective if you can’t make yourself known to your pet as the alpha-dog.

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